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Posted on November 05, 2015 by Grace Seo | 0 comments

Though there are plenty of appealing colorful, vibrant, and patterned crib sets out there for your baby, gifting him/her an organic crib bedding set is seriously worth considering.

These commercial crib baby products do not think about the health of your newborn and only want to profit off these products, when in reality, a newborn should definitely not be exposed to this various array of synthetics, toxic dyes and other harmful chemicals used in commercial production.

Another addition to your baby’s crib should be a crib bumper, to prevent your baby from hitting the bars or even getting stuck in between the bars. One should be mindful of the materials that these bumpers are made out of to ensure the baby’s health and safety since they do surround him/her completely in the crib.

Let’s first talk about the serious dangers of exposing your child to these cheap commercial bedding products. From 0-6 months of age, the baby is still developing its immune system to have the capability of cooling his/her body, which is why babies sweat so often. With this knowledge, we would have to keep the baby cool by surrounding him/her with fabrics that are breathable in order to prevent overheating or dehydration. Materials like polyester and cotton-poly blends do not have the breathability and will trap heat, causing your newborn to feel suffocated or stressed.

Furthermore, the newborn’s skin and their undeveloped pores are extremely delicate and sensitive. Unlike us, they can truly feel the softness and the harshness of the material that is touching them. Polyester is never an option for the baby, and while regular cottons, silks, Egyptian cottons, cotton velvets, wools, satins and sateen are options, none compare to the softness and cleanliness of organic cotton. Organic bedding made out of one hundred percent organic fabrics provide the softness, quality and purity needs as well as provides an automatic relief from allergies.



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