Modern Fiber That's 10,000 Years Old

February 16, 2018

Australian Wool Comforter

Wool is great at keeping your body temperature under control, but it’s not so great at surviving a ride in your washing machine. Wool has been around for many thousands of years. Although this fiber is used to create many textiles, it has gained popularity when used in comforters; however, owning a Wool Comforter can be difficult to maintain than other fabrics.

For example, Certified Organic Wool Comforter is not washable at all. When not washed properly wool turns into a ball and will not stay in place. The only way you can clean organic comforters is if you send it to the dry cleaners. In addition, Certified Organic wool tends to come with sheep smell.

Don’t worry if you still want the experience the phenomenal benefits of Wool, we have comforters  that are made of Australian Wool and are Washable. Myorganicsleep has been selling Australian Wool Comforters for many years and have mastered the creation of them. Our comforters are machine washable with no sheep smell, you don’t have to worry about ruining your comforter.  With simple washing instruction you are ready to enjoy the comforts wool comforter comes with. Dry cleaning will no longer be necessary, avoid all the chemicals used in conventional dry cleaning process.

Wonder why is our Natural Comforter Washable? The reason is, natural wool comforters are processed with natural enzymes instead of harsh chemicals associated with traditional wool processing.

Wool comforters are the best selling comforters because of their endurance and softness. According to a study, wool can be bent 20,000 without breaking and has the ability to return to its original shape with no problem.

Australian Wool Comforter

Experience the wonder of Wool Comforter here are more benefits:

Wool Comforter, are already naturally flame retardant because they are:

- high moisture content

- high nitrogen content

- low heat of combustion, low heat release

- high oxygen index of about 26%

- very high ignition temperature of about 1100 F

- forms self insulating char that prevents fire propagation

- does not melt or drip that slows spread.

  • Help Regulate Body Temperature: Wool is a warm and breathable fabric so it allows your body temperature to raise and help maintain it at comfortable level throughout the whole night. Wool also keeps you warm during the winter and cool in summer because its natural structure makes it possible to absorb and release water vapor into the atmosphere.  
  • Hypoallergenic: Say good-bye to comforters that eventually turn into allergen breeding grounds!  Wool Fiber is resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew.
  • Naturally Flame Retardant: As mentioned Wool is a Natural Flame Resistant and does not need the chemical laden fire retardant that is sprayed on most synthetic and polyester comforters. Wool has an excellent Natural Flame Resistance And come with a high ignition threshold of up to 600º C!
  • Machine Washable: Wool is very washable, it can be washed in a cold water cycle or hand washed. When doing so after place your washable wool on delicate, low temperature dry cycle or hang to dry. This process helps eliminate the need for any costly dry cleaning. Plus more importantly, this avoids the risks associated with dry cleaning (carbon tetrachloride is frequently used in dry cleaning).
  • Eco-Friendly Processing: Washable wool processed using natural enzymes instead of harsh chemicals associated with traditional wool processing.
  • Delightfully Soft: It is plush and exponentially softer than traditional wool comforters because the our Eco-friendly processing softens the wool fiber. Also, it is completely free of that off-putting "sheep smell" associated with traditional wool comforters.

Washable Wool Comforter

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