Why You Need a Wool Comforter in Your Life

Posted on August 30, 2017 by Sandra Carrasco | 0 comments

It’s time you upgrade your polyester comforter to a wool comforter.


Here is why:

Many people don’t think about the manufacturing process of their bedding products and what steps it takes to make them.  Did you know many traditional manufacturing companies spray their bedding products with fire retardant chemicals in order to make them fire resistant? It’s horrifying to find that the chemicals being used are linked to cancer and can potentially cause people serious health issues. 

The real question is why are people unaware of these kinds of things? Truth is no one really talks about it; people get so caught up on their daily routines that they forget to do some research. Little do they know that there are so many companies out there who use non-tested chemicals for production.  These kinds of topics are not being discussed because it’s not convenient for corporation retailers for topics like this to be open in the air.

You must wonder, “What now”? Is there an alternative?

The answer is yes, here is one.

Wool Comforter’s, wool comforter are already naturally flame retardant because they are:

- high moisture content
- high nitrogen content
- low heat of combustion, low heat release
- high oxygen index of about 26%
- very high ignition temperature of about 1100 F
- forms self insulating char that prevents fire propagation
- does not melt or drip that slows spread.

These comforters are one of the best selling alternative comforters because of their endurance and softness. According to a study, wool can be bent 20,000 without breaking and has the ability to return to its original shape with no problem.  Not only is an Organic Wool Comforter soft and durable, but it’s made of extremely Eco-friendly fiber. Sheep grow a new coat every year and their fiber is very sustainable and renewable and can easily decompose into soil and can act as a fertilizer.

 If you are not ready to switch yet, here are some facts about Wool Comforters:

  • Help Regulate Body Temperature: Wool is a warm and breathable fabric so it allows your body temperature to raise and help maintain it at comfortable level throughout the whole night. Wool also keeps you warm during the winter and cool in summer because its natural structure makes it possible to absorb and release water vapor into the atmosphere.  
  • Hypoallergenic: Say good-bye to comforters that eventually turn into allergen breeding grounds!  Wool Fiber is resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew.


  • Naturally Flame Retardant: As mentioned Wool is a Natural Flame Resistant and does not need the chemical laden fire retardant that is sprayed on most synthetic and polyester comforters. Wool has an excellent Natural Flame Resistanceand come with a high ignition threshold of up to 600º C! 


  • Machine Washable: Wool is very washable, it can be washed in a cold water cycle or hand washed. When doing so after place your washable wool on delicate, low temperature dry cycle or hang to dry. This process helps eliminate the need for any costly dry cleaning. Plus more importantly, this avoids the risks associated with dry cleaning (carbon tetra chloride is frequently used in dry cleaning). 


  • Eco-Friendly Processing: Washable wool processed using natural enzymes instead of harsh chemicals associated with traditional wool processing. 


  • Delightfully Soft: It is plush and exponentially softer than traditional wool comforters because the our eco-friendly processingsoftens the wool fiber. Also, it is completely free of that off-putting "sheep smell" associated with traditional wool comforters. 


Now that you are ready to switch your synthetic and polyester comforter for a Wool Comforter, head over to myorganicsleep.com. You will find various options from Organic to Natural Wool Comforters




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