Natural Latex Contour Pillow for Side-to-Back Sleepers

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Natural Latex Contour Pillow Side-to-Back

Who is the side-to-back contour pillow for?
  • Sleepers who often toss and turn between sleeping on their back or on their side in bed
  • Sleepers suffering from pain in the neck or shoulders from never getting that perfect position
Why is MyOrganicSleep's Side-to-Back Contour Pillow the best solution?
  • Its ergonomic curved design works with how you move during the night
  • The pillow is perfect for anyone - low profile edges for small to medium frames, and high profile edges for medium to large frames
  • It comes in a removable Organic Cotton cover
  • This is made with 100% natural latex which is free from toxic additives and harmful chemicals.
  • Medium-Firm, made of Dunlop Latex

For more on the benefits of natural latex, check out our blog Natural Latex over Memory Foam

Size information: 16 in x 24 in base; with 4 in. max height for the lower profile and 5 in. max height for the higher profile.
Free Shipping in continental US (excluding CA). 


Natural Latex Contour Pillow for Side-to-Back Sleepers has a rating of 4.4 stars based on 9 reviews.

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