1. What does ILD mean?

2. What is the density?

3. Why there often are some small bubbles and tiny tears on NATURAL LATEX TOPPERS?

4. What is a good pillow? Depend on how do you sleep. Guideline is:

5. What is the different between Natural Latex and Talalay Latex?

6. Is there any smell in the latex products:

7. Where are the organic cotton grown?

8. Where is the organic sheet sets come from?

9. What does it mean ALL NATURAL LATEX of your all natural latex toppers and pillows?

10. What is the Shredded latex?

11. Why shredded latex?

12. what is the different between Shredded latex and regular latex pillow?

13. Which latex topper ILD is bed for side sleeping?

14. Does the latex topper need a cover?

15. Natural Latex vs Certified organic latex

16. What kind of mattress pads will help keep me coolest at night?

17. Order Information

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