Certified Organic Latex Topper Comfort 2 Zone

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Type: Latex Topper

Made with Certified Organic latex, the Latex Topper Comfort 2 Zone is pure, no chemical additives, no toxic chemicals. The organic purity offers natural environment with long term health benefits such as healthy lungs, stamina, energy and overall well living. Ventilated and supportive surface offers the best sleeping environment with pressure point relief system.
This is the innovation design has dual firmness - top layer soft with 19-22 ILD and bottom layer Firm with 36-38 ILD. With the dual zone comfort, the topper can be flipped over to get the right support and comfort.
Topper conforms to body shape, specially spine and neck to offer right support for restful sleep. Free from heat sensitivity, static surface, these are true comfort masterpiece. Its resilience offers superior support and superior pressure point relief. Topper never flattens or bunch up giving longest life of pleasant sleeping experience.
This dual zone is covered with organic cotton, so you totally have the all the organic for your sleep.
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