Latex contour pillow side-to-back

Size Guide

Who will need the side-to-back contour pillow?
  • Who oftens switch between sleeping on the back and sleeping on your side.
  • Who needs supports for your head, neck, and shoulders as you move from side to back.
Why myOrganicSleep side -to-back contour pillow is the best?
  • myOrganicSleep side-to-back contour pillow made with 100% natural latex which is free from toxic additives and any harmful chemicals.
  • The contour pillow covered with removable organic cotton, which adds the organic purities to the pillow.
  • The ergonomic curved design works with how you move during the night
  • With the low and high profiles edges, low profile for small to medium frames, and high profile for medium to large frames makes it the perfect pillow for anyone. 
Size information: 16 in x 24 in; 4 in for the lower profile and 5 in for the higher profile.
Free shipping and free return any time. One size.

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