Organic Natural Aussy Wool Pillow

My Organic Sleep

Type: Wool Pillow

Our Organic cotton covered Wool Pillows are crafted using 100% Premium Natural Eco - Wool that is encased in a 100% Organic Cotton Cover. 

This unique combination of both natural wool and organic cotton have resulted in the development of a healthy and natural pillow. With a wool pillow like this, you are sleeping without any harm associated with synthetic additives and toxic chemicals. These natural wool pillows are also very soft and resilient. They are capable of withstanding several years of use while maintaining its fluffiness as well. 

Repels dust mites, bacteria and mold. Wicks-away moisture to provide comfortable dry sleep making our pillows do well in all seasons. 

Cleaning: We suggest spot cleaning. However, pillows can be machine washed in cold  followed by drying at low temperature. Additional fluffing can be attained by a separate fluff up cycle after drying. Dry cleanable but not recommended to prevent potential off gassing from dry cleaning solvents.
      - Travel Size: 12 x 16
      - Standard Size: 20 x 25
      - Queen Size: 20 x 31
      - King Size: 20 x 35

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