Safe and Comfortable Sleep with Natural Latex Mattress Topper

November 03, 2014

After the banning of the fire retardant PentaBD used in synthetic foam mattresses and mattress toppers because of its dangerous effect to the lungs, liver and the nervous system, most manufacturers went organic and turned to mother nature for the perfect material to use. This is where natural latex comes in.

A natural organic mattress latex topper is made from 100 percent natural tree sap from organically grown rubber trees. No synthetic fillers are added to avoid the introduction of harmful chemicals into the product. To be sure of their purity, safety and quality, these mattress toppers should go through Okeo Standard 100 and Eco-Institute certification. These natural mattress toppers have a long life span, stay amazingly cool, and have excellent anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.

Because of the natural latex material, the organic latex topper is usually heavier than its synthetic foam counterpart. But this extra weight means it is more durable and should last for at least 15 years if encased properly. Organic latex is biodegradable and the degrading process is much faster when the material is exposed to the elements like sun and air flow. The less exposure to sunlight and air flow, the slower the foam will dry out, making the foam last longer.

The encasing also protects the mattress topper from staining and tearing. The two common materials used in encasing are organic cotton and wool with the former being the cheaper of the two. Encasing the mattress topper in synthetic cloth defeats the purpose of preventing harmful chemicals from being inhaled by the user. The cover should also have a zipper so that it can be easily removed and cleaned when needed.

Not only safe to the one’s health and environment friendly, an organic mattress latex topper is also very comfortable. The natural latex has excellent elasticity so the foam adjusts instantly, providing pinpoint support to the entire body. Foams normally come in different firmness and thickness and the same applies to organic mattress toppers.

The softest firmness level can still provide excellent support by providing enough integrity. This is usually recommended for people who require a soft mattress topper without sacrificing support. Because of the high density of natural latex foam, the firmer versions are recommended for those looking for something in the medium or extra firm range. But even the firmest models still retain the excellent elasticity of the organic material and still allow slight adjustments. The extra firm organic latex topper provides excellent support without the unwanted pressure point build up.

But there are a few things to consider before purchasing natural mattress toppers. Although of high quality, this foam is less consistent that those made with synthetic materials. The foam may appear to have small marks or cosmetic blemishes. Mattress toppers are also usually cut from 6 inch slabs and the surface smoothness or hole pattern of the foam may vary slightly. This is because of the consistency of the organic latex but it does not, in any way, affect the product’s feel or performance.

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