Natural Kapok Pillow

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Natural Kapok Pillow

is hand tufted locally in California and made from eco-friendly Kapok fiber derived from the Ceiba tree. We then cover this pillow with 100% Organic Cotton to ensure you aren't exposed to any toxic chemicals while you sleep. 
This high-loft pillow, being 8x lighter than cotton, is an excellent alternative to down pillows. It's, hypoallergenic as well.
Comes with 2 options: adjustable (with zipper for easy to adjust) and non-adjustable.
  •  Travel Size - 12 x 16 x 4
  •  Children size - 20 x15 x4 
  •  Standard Size - 20 x 25 x 5
  •  Queen Size - 20 x 31 x 5
  •  King Size - 20 x 35 x 5

Ceiba Tree

kapok tree

Kapok is a vegetable-based fiber from the seed pods of the Kapok tree. Wild grown, the tree is naturally pest-free and thus, does not require pesticides. On top of being a lofty material, Kapok is hypoallergenic, water and mold resistant and quick drying.

Care instructions: click here

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