The 2 Big Reasons You Need a Mattress Topper Today

Health and money. Money and health. Mattress toppers can make all the difference in the longevity of an expensive mattress and the quality of your well being.

A mattress topper is a thick layer (normally from 1" - 3") that goes over the top of a mattress. These layers can range in size and will fit over the top of the mattress completely. Many companies offer an array of designs and a variety of materials to make it functional for multiple uses.

So, why use one?

Mattress toppers add the comfort people miss when they no longer enjoy their own mattress due to age, wear and tear, or allergens. They protect the mattress from spills, stains and dirt. If you're concerned that your mattress may suffer from dust mites, mildew or another potential allergen, a mattress topper may be the perfect solution. It can act as a healthy barrier between yourself and a possibly allergy-ridden mattress. When people need a new mattress, buying a topper is not only financially conscientious but helps to create that "fresh, new bed" feeling.

Which mattress topper is the best choice for you, though? If you want to sleep in a toxin free environment, consider our Organic Latex and Natural Latex:

  • Our Certified Organic Latex Topper is the purest topper on the market. Organic Latex is a tier above Natural latex wherein all processing from seed selection to finished latex is monitored in accordance to GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standards). This means that seeds are GMO free, the latex plantation has been monitored to avoid any toxicity in the soil, in the fertilizers and throughout the processing. It is then documented to confirm that the product and the process has been entirely organic.
  • Our Natural Latex Topper is mostly all-natural and contains no synthetics in the blend. In this system, documentation of the chemicals used is not mandatory, but optional. Though many reliable manufacturers keep the natural process safe and toxic free, absence of mandatory documentation makes it less desirable than the organic latex.

A fantastic money-saving measure, a topper can restore life to an old mattress. Avoid the trouble of disposal, delivery, and settling into a new mattress. Instead consider an allergen-free mattress topper - at a fraction of the price.



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