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Summer has officially ended and autumn is here.  Soon the leaves will be gone and holidays will be upon us.  This is time to get ready for the cooler days ahead.  Traditionally you may shop for your comforter at your local home goods retail store, but did you know that those comforters might be loaded with flame retardants, polyester, petroleum based fiber, lofting chemicals, fragrances etc. etc.    

It’s Crazy right? Scary to think that all these chemicals exist and for those of you who own one you know that when we sleep, those comforters are very close to our faces.  We spend an average of 8 hours a day sleeping, that’s about one third of your life! Imagine all the chemicals that you breathe while you sleep. We don’t notice it because manufactures are very good a hiding the smell, but these chemicals used to create these products can affect you in the long run.

More than this these comforters have spoiled the environment and have countless health effect on the lives of those involved in the process of making them.  Let alone the effect this will also have on kids and generation to come via the chemical pollution that it has created.

A much better alternative is to go natural for your own benefits and the sake of the community and your family.  Find all-natural and organic bedding products at they have a variety of products you would love and care. 

Below there is a guideline to help you select a comforter that is right for you. If you have any difficulty in making right choice contact

  1. Natural Australian Wool Comforter

Wool comforter made with 100% premium Australian eco-friendly wool and covered in 350 thread count fine cotton sateen. This Australian wool comforter has all natural content and is processed in natural enzymes instead of harsh chemicals.  It is also hypoallergenic and supremely soft.  So wrap up and drift off to sleep in this cozy and eco-friendly natural wool comforter.

  • 430 GSM 100% Premium Australian eco-friendly wool. This is pretty heavy. For those seeking lighter weight choose lighter version.
  • 350 Thread Count Fine Cotton Sateen.
  • Easy Care: machine wash in cold water & line dry.
  • Plush & Soft
  • Hypoallergenic & naturally flame retardant
  • Breathable: wicks away moisture to help regulate body temperature

Available at in different sizes and weights

  1. Organic Cotton Comforter – A medium weight organic luxury.

Made using 350 TC organic cotton covering and organic cotton filling.  This is mid weight comforter that is well suited for moderately cold weather. (We recommend wool comforter for the much too cold weather).  Organic cotton covering is soft to touch, breathable and most luxurious. Fitting is 80% organic cotton and 20% bamboo-  an ideal combination for high loft and comfort.

  • Highest organic cotton content and all natural content.
  • Ideal for those with who love the cool cotton feeling next to skin
  • Breathable and lofty. Drapes well
  • Easy care. No dry cleaning solvent. Wash in cold water and dry in delicate drying cycle.


  1. Natural Bamboo Comforter

Crafted from 50% Natural Bamboo Rayon and 50% Tencel natural Wood fiber and then covered in 350 Thread Count 100% Cotton. This comforter is soft as silk, warm as wool and strong as polyester; yet, retains a light, smooth and sateen feel. Our Natural Bamboo Comforter helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night and is perfect for year-round use.

  • Bamboo fiber are anti-bacterial
  • Ideal for those with sensitive skin
  • Extremely breathable
  • Resistant to wrinkles & drapes beautifully
  • Highly durable
  • Easy care. Easy to take care of than wool of down comforters.


  1. Real down Comforter (warm and light weight). Real down feathers

Filled with 550 fill power of lofty real down and covered in 350 Thread Count Organic Cotton. The average 550 fill down provides the high loft, superior insulation and breathe ability, also ideal for year round use.  The super soft 350 certified organic cotton cover not only provide the organic purity, but also the luxurious feel and long term durability.

  • Baffle: box design prevents down from shifting
  • Superior loft, warmth and comfort
  • Comfortable for year-round use

  1. Organic Down Alternative Comforter

Provides the highly desirable warmth and bulk of traditional down yet is designed with a hypoallergenic, synthetic down alternative filling. It is then covered in plush, supremely comfortable 100% Organic Cotton.

  • Covered in 100% Organic Cotton
  • Optional duvet cover loops
  • Free from any toxic chemicals or pesticides
  • Easy to care for: Simply machine wash on regular cycle.

Above we listed some of our top selling comforters that would help you achieve a warm and goodnight sleep. As you can see most of our comforters are either organic or Eco-friendly. You can find these comforters at various sizes at 

Still have difficulty in choosing right comforter. Contact

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