The Best Choice for a Good Night's Sleep

What exactly is it about organic cotton bedding that will help you sleep better?

Thread Count and Quality

Cotton is widely used in bedding & textiles, due to the fact that it is the purest form of cellulose available in nature. The highest quality cotton are those that have the longest fibers, which are thin and have elasticity. Luxury organic cotton bedding is made from the highest quality long staple with 300 thread count cotton. You can feel the quality simply by touching it.

Some of the benefits of using organic cotton is being soft against your skin, hypoallergenic and won't cause issues for sensitive skin. 


Another benefit of cotton when it comes to getting a good night's sleep is that it is breathable. Choosing breathable natural materials  like cotton can help you sleep better if you often find that you wake up in the night feeling all hot and sweaty. Cotton can also keep you comfortable if you tend to get too cold as well.

Thermal Properties

When we sleep our bodies naturally cool down. With that, thermal regulation can play an important role during each sleep stage. Synthetic bedding can disrupt our body's thermal regulation, making it far more difficult to have a fully rested night’s sleep. 

By helping to regulate the thermal environment, cotton sheets or other cotton bedding can help improve one’s sleep and help prevent insomnia.

Moisture Absorption

Cotton also offers great moisture absorption properties, which draws in moisture from its environment. This property means it wicks moisture away from the skin, helping you sleep well throughout the night. 

Why Organic Cotton is Better

While all cottons share the properties mentioned, regular cotton is typically contaminated with pesticides and herbicides when growing the crop. The toxicity of synthetic dyes that are used on cotton are a concern as well. Many textiles are manufactured with harmful chemicals including lead and formaldehyde.

Choosing a certified GOTS organic cotton bedding can help you rest easier.

When you sleep on ethical bedding, you will sleep easier knowing that you are not just doing what is right for you, but also you're also doing the right thing for people and the planet. 

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