The Effects of Reading Before Bed

reading in bed   
Reading in bed before you go to sleep is an excellent way to wind down at night. Let’s consider the advantages of ending your day with a good relaxing book.
Studies have shown that reading is known to reduce stress levels by 60% due to the lowering of cortisol. The hormone regulates blood pressure, blood sugar, and other bodily processes. This means reading eases tension in the muscles, slows your heart rate, and slows down your breathing, making you feel calmer. 
When reading a good book, your mind is so engrossed in the narrative that you’re distracted from your daily stresses. Those suffering from anxiety are able to relieve their restless mind. At the same time, reading can also be exhausting enough make you more deeply need to rest. 
Of course, reading is also a healthy alternative to exposing yourself to blue screens that would disrupt your circadian rhythms. Technology use is a stimulant that suppresses the release of melatonin. Staying in the dark with a book light or warm glowing lamp allows us to wind down our day with a relaxing activity instead of disrupting it at our most sensitive hours. 
As a natural sleep aid, listening to an audiobook or any soothing bedtime story via meditation apps like Calm is another excellent option to give our mind and body the proper transition to rest time. 

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