What exactly are allergens?

That’s a question that you should be asking yourself before filtering out any options when deciding to make a purchase. Many people mistakenly assume that they are allergic to certain types of material without much medical examination. Through time, down and latex products gained this reputation as being allergens to avoid. However, they are usually not the cause of the allergic reactions. Let us explain…

Dust mites are the most common culprit to allergic reactions in the bedroom; your pillow can double its own weight over years as these dust mites, your skin cells and their excrement accumulate.

When people claim they are allergic to down, the general case is that they are allergic to the dust, dander and lanolin oils that down is more prone to attracting than other products. However, higher quality down products are considered hypo-allergenic after being rinsed several times with spring water in order for people to use it allergen-free and resistant to dust and the lanolin oils that cause the allergies.

Another all natural material that has gotten a bad reputation is latex. While it holds true that some skins are sensitive to latex, it is only after several years of direct and constant contact. The allergic reactions to latex are only very rarely severe and usually very minor. This allergic reaction to latex is rarely found as a result from latex mattresses or latex bedding products but rather from doctors and nurses who use latex gloves on a daily basis. With latex bedding products, they are always made to be used with some bed sheet or pillow cover over to avoid irritation for those who have skin that are highly sensitive. However, like down, higher quality latex is rinsed and processed by their manufacturers to prevent dust mites – making a healthy, natural and hypo-allergenic product.

Unlike down and latex, natural wool is a fiber that some people find themselves highly sensitive too. However, you don’t have to completely avoid those types of products as wool reactions only occur when the skin is in direct contact with the wool fibers. In most cases, the wool products are covered by cotton or some kind of other barrier to make it usable for all.

 Now don’t be shy, go out and find that perfect natural bedding product that you were looking for, making sure you’re looking for products that have been rinsed in processing to be hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant. As an extra note for the skeptics, it is the best to keep your bed as dry as possible to keep these dust mites from forming; they can also be eliminated with a high heat drying. Happy shopping!

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