The Art of Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui all about? 
At its core, Feng Shui is a Chinese tradition of orienting physical spaces to ensure harmony between individuals and their environment. While it’s considered a pseudoscience, there are valuable ideas to take away. 
The bedroom is the most private space in the home, and must be kept out of sight from visitors. It’s where you spend much your life to rest, to recharge not only your physical but your spiritual energy. 
It’s important to maximize harmony in the bedroom to set the tone for other parts of your life. Art in the bedroom should be pleasant and appealing, since they’ll be the last images you see before bed and the first thing you see in the morning. This, in theory, affects your subconscious dream state. 
According to Feng Shui, bedroom art should lean more towards yang energies, as a bedroom naturally has excessive amounts of yin. Yang is positively focused, dynamic, masculine energy, associated with hot and dry, fire, the sky, the sun, and daytime. Yin brings to mind slow, negative, passively female energy, associated with cold and wet, water and earth, the moon, and night. Limiting yin entails avoiding excessive shade in the room, as well as dark color schemes and water imagery, to offset the natural tendency for soft and passive feelings in the bedroom. The balance is in creating an environment conducive to rest by night and rise the next day. 
Religious iconography and photos of family and friends are not recommended, as the bedroom is a place for lovemaking. Images of solitary figures are to be avoided because they will create an energy of loneliness, while images of crowds are said to encourage your partner to desire other people. Abstract paintings are believed to be too thought-provoking to allow for unwinding and peaceful rest. 
Feng Shui generally recommends bamboo to inspire feelings of energy and growth, flowers for joyfulness, and sky imagery to attract blessings from the heavens. 

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