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We were wondering if you guys have heard about the art of Feng Shui?

At its core, it’s a philosophy that originated from Asia to maximize your well-being by setting guidelines to. Though there may be many skeptics about the effects of this ideology, we think it’s a wonderful idea to share…

Feng Shui is determined around this belief that a bedroom is the most private room in your home, usually meant to be kept out of sight from your visitors. However, it’s also the space that you will spend more than half of your life as you need to rest and regenerate. These are activities that not only recharge the physical energy of your body but also your mood, your energy and your soul.

Because your room is the sanctuary where all of this recovery takes place, Feng Shui claims it is absolutely essential that the room is flowing with harmonious energy.

Firstly, the art present in your bedroom, if there are any, should be pleasant and appealing as these will be the last subjects you encounter before you go to sleep and the first things you see when you wake up; theoretically, these can subconsciously affect your dream state as well as your mood in the mornings.

 In addition, the art in your bedroom should lean more towards yang energies, as a bedroom naturally has excessive amounts of yin. This means that you should try to stray away from choosing paintings with lots of dark blue or black color schemes. Paintings with subjects like water (ponds, lakes, and oceans) are also advised to be avoided outside the bedroom as an old Chinese superstition says that doing so can bring financial disaster.

Religious pictures or icons and even photos of family or friends are unadvised to place in the bedroom because it is the used for lovemaking, which would be disrespectful to place religious figures in there and also uncomfortable for you to have pictures of family. It is also a part of the Feng Shui to avoid images of solitary figures as they will cause a sense of loneliness in your subconscious. On the other hand, images of a crowd (three or more people) may lead to your partner subconsciously desire to be with more people.

Abstract paintings, although they promote and inspire deep thought, are also believed to be too strenuous and thought provoking that it may hinder your ability to unwind and give yourself a peaceful rest.

Feng Shui also reminds you to keep in mind what kind of animals are depicted in your bedroom to make sure their energies relate to what type of energies you attract in your daily life.

Subject matters that the Feng Shui favors include bamboo, flowers, skies, Shuang hsi (symbol for double happiness). Bamboo is recommended for strength, energy and growth, while flowers inspire feelings of content and joyfulness. Images of skies are supposed to attract blessings from the heavens into your life. Any piece along these lines that make you feel uplifted and positive are the key to the Feng Shui as they will be what you see every morning.



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