Lay in Luxury with Natural Latex Toppers

August 26, 2015

Breathable, supportive, All-Natural Latex is the latest innovation for mattress toppers. If struggling to get a comfortable sleep after a long day of work or chasing after little ones is an ongoing issue for you, we recommend All-Natural or Organic Latex. It's breathable, conforms to your body instantly and our eco-friendly design contains no synthetic or toxic substances.

We engineer our Latex mattress toppers with a breezy air-flow ventilation system so you get a more comfortably cool sleep. It's perfect if you're sensitive to heat or live in a warmer climate.

Your body is fully supported on these mattress pads as the natural latex contours your body. There is no alarmingly sinking feeling, so you can move freely throughout the night. We place you back in control of your own comfort by letting you choose the firmness level - anywhere from soft to extra firm.

Our Organic Latex is GOLS Certified so it is completely free from any toxins or chemicals that could harm you and your family. Plus, All-Natural Latex is naturally mildew and dust-mite resistant which means they don't need to be treated with dozens of dangerous chemicals to prevent them from molding. You not only receive the health benefits of sleeping in a pesticide free environment, but you can also sleep more soundly knowing that your topper was manufactured Fair-Trade. Each of our Latex toppers is made with sap tapped from the Rubber tree and is then skillfully crafted, through the eco-friendly Dunlop process, into the gorgeously comfortable Latex for our mattress toppers.

You give so much to those around you. Give yourself a better sleep.

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