What is good in a Natural Latex Topper?

Why a mattress topper?

Topper is added layer to a mattress that adds to the comfort and rejuvenates a mattress. It varies from 1-4 inches in thickness, However, 2 inch thickness is most popular. I adds on comfort to a new mattress by making it softer or firmer. In an old mattress, it has a rejuvenating effect. Other functions of a topper is to provide accommodating temperature (neither too hot or too cold), provide a absorbent surface to wick away any sweat. It is also provides a clean environment, free from any off gassing that can exist in a conventional mattress. Some use it to extend life of a mattress. 


Why natural latex topper is a good choice?


Market place offers several choices to the customers. Question is “which is the best topper to buy?” A natural latex topper is the right product for many reasons such as:


1.Natural latex has unique property to offer excellent support wherein it hugs the body contours, eliminating pressure points found in a spring mattress. This relief allows body to fall into deep sleep, with a rejuvenating and energy filled waking up.


2. Natural latex has high resilience, allowing to adjust to body contour when a person turns during sleep. This is a distinct advantage over memory foam which takes time to recover and create a mushy feeling.


3. Natural latex is made of all natural content which makes sleeping environment natural. This is a great benefit in the era of bedding filled with all sort of chemicals with serious consequences of chemicals that is bombarded in such close proximity for several hours. To gain full benefits of this outstanding characteristic, one should ensure that topper is all natural and is not part natural or blended with synthetic latex. This is an important questions to ask the seller before purchasing a topper.


4. Natural latex is hydro-phillic. It keeps the moisture (sweat) away to allow for deep comfortable sleep. For those sensitive to sweat, we also recommend a all organic cotton sheet to cover a topper.


5. Natural latex repels dust mites and bugs. It provides a cleaner environment.


6. Natural latex is hypo-allergenic and helps individuals sensitive to synthetics and chemical products.


7. Optional organic cotton or bamboo covering enhances the performance of natural latex toppers by adding comfort and durability. They also offer enhanced appearance and are worth the extra investment.

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