Latex Pillows In-Depth

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Every one knows that lack of sleep and sleep deprivation cause serious problems to his/her health as well as to one’s work. The question is how can people get sleeping problem? The answer may be varies. However, when people can not sleeping well, wake up many times at night, having headache in the morning, getting a neck pain and back pain… they probably think about their bed first if they have a good health condition. One of a bed stuff that effect directly to sleeping is a pillow. Right now, the pillow marketplace is very diversity to supports people’s need. Because of that, before choosing the pillow for your bed, you need to know what sleeping style you are, back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper. Then think about what kind of pillow do you want, wool pillow, kapok pillow, cotton pillow or latex pillow. Among of them, the latex pillow is not only the one that will be in shape for a long time but also the one can help you sleep a night long.

Latex pillow is natural pillow

Latex is milky fluid found in many plants. The latex of the rubber tree is the chief source of natural rubber. The latex pillow is made of the latex of the rubber tree so it is 100% natural. Latex pillow can be classified into Natural latex pillow and Talalay latex pillow. So what is the different? Natural latex is converted into finished products using either Dunlop or Talalay process. By default, pillows are made by Dunlop process, unless it is documented as Talalay. Dunlop process pillows tend to be slightly denser and firmer and Talalay products are plush. Although there is some belief in the market that Talalay product are better, it is actually a myth as we have found they Dunlop latex has higher durability rating. Usually people insist more on 100% natural content than the process.

Latex pillow helps to relieve pressure on a head and neck

The latex pillow is not only durable but also flexible for using. Some research show that, these pillows are suitable for those who are side sleeper, who have a back pain and a neck pain, once the pillows are varied in high-loft or low – loft, single zone or multiple zones.  Containing utilize a unique pin-core design, the latex pillow helps delivering superior airflow that prevents the build up of moisture. For one who moves around a lot in his or her sleep, the latex pillow is a perfect choice because it is exclusively from natural, hypoallergenic latex that deliver accurate orthopedic support and alignment a neck and shoulders. 

Latex pillow doesn't sag nor lose shape for a long time

It is made of the latex of the rubber trees, so it is the most durable one in the pillow marketplace. The pillow can be in original shape after used three to four years.

Make natural latex pillow becomes Organic natural latex pillow

Who considers the natural should consider about organic. It is nonsense if you have a natural pillow covered by non-organic cotton cover. Many stores and online shops are offering latex pillows with organic cotton cover such as Organic Textiles. LLC whose website is or and many others.

Absolutely, latex pillow covered by organic cotton is expensive which is more than $30 for the standard size. However, let think about how many hours people sleep per day, and how many hours that they sleep during their life. The latex pillow not only provides people a good health but also helps them save money in many aspects. 

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