FIVE STAR Guarantee on Natural Bed Sheets

Five Stars

Here at MyOrganicSleep, we pride ourselves on the power of consumer choice. Many arrive at our store finally finding the perfect pillow or comforter after searching through endless selections elsewhere. Only one area of our store, however, offers choices that are essentially perfect for every sleeper

Our Natural and Organic Bed Sheets are of such high quality that each and every one has a Five Star Average according to customer reviews. 

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Most Popular - Organic Cotton 350 TC Bed Sheets

350TC Organic Cotton Sheets

Our Organic Cotton Bed Sheet is the product that started it all! For sleepers new to the world of natural bedding, these sheets offer an excellent introduction. They are made of superior materials that have not had their natural advantages stripped by a harsh production process. Hand harvested under sustainable and ethical conditions, its GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton fibers remain both tough and soft. The 350 thread count is the thinnest and softest version, but we do offer even sturdier 410 and 550 thread count sheets to meet your ideal mix of smooth and durable.

Most Budget-FriendlyNatural Bamboo Sheet Set

Bamboo Bed Sheet Set - Rain

The bamboo tree is a special plant that is self-sustaining with no need for irrigation, fertilizer, or pesticides. Its resulting bamboo rayon fabric is a material that is exquisitely silky to the touch and breathable - all by staying true to Mother Nature's magic. Because of its low-maintenance production process, natural bamboo is the most affordable option for those looking to treat themselves to the world of natural bedding without breaking the bank. Cool bamboo sheets are perfect for a college dorm or just those who sweat during sleep. 

Most Luxurious - European-Style Striped Organic Cotton Sheets

European-Style Organic Cotton Striped Sheets 310TC

These Organic Cotton Sheets come in an elegant striped pattern fit for royalty. The European style stitching provides an exceptionally satin-like texture that will add class to your bedding decor. Its 310 Thread Count makes it the softest Organic Cotton available on our site. Available in colors like Gold, Fog Green, and Ivory, these sheets will have you sleeping in the lap of luxury.

Most Fashionable - Tencel Sheet Set

Tencel Sheets

Like bamboo rayon, Tencel is a wood-based fiber that is both silky smooth and breathable. So what's different about Tencel? It drapes beautifully and absorbs moisture remarkably well. This means Tencel is excellent in retaining natural dyes and drying night sweats while sitting gracefully over your mattress. Available in handsome hues like Opal, Harvest, and Ecru, these sheets are the perfect addition to a bachelor pad.

Honorable Mentions

checkered & vintage sheets

Our Vintage Organic Cotton Sheets are a charming choice for those looking to add a cute pattern to their decor. Perfect for a guest room or a child's bedroom. 

The Jacquard Checkered Organic Cotton Sheets are another luxury option that will add texture to your decor. Available in earth tones like Sand and Burgundy. 

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