Graduate from Home with the Class of 2020

June 04, 2020


Whether it's high school, university, or even middle school, students this year are graduating in non conventional ways into an uncertain future. Virtual graduations are a trend, with schools organizing stream-able ceremonies for students to "graduate together." Some are opting for a social distance friendly drive-thru graduation. Others are hosting elaborate personal commencements from the safety of their driveway

During these strange times, it is especially important for our youth to secure the essential aspects of their lives as they take early steps into adulthood. As we explained in our post about Growing Out of Pillows and Blankets and into the grown-up world of comforters and duvets, more thought and care should be placed into where we spend a third of our lives. A decision to elevate one's bedding setup is an exercise in self-care in order to better serve the world out there. 

This graduation season, choose MyOrganicSleep for the socially conscious recent graduate. Made of premium, pure, and sustainably-sourced materials, our comforters will provide the cozy night's sleep that this year's graduating class has needed. 

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