Among the endless possible combinations of comforters, duvet covers, and pillows, there is an often overlooked element in getting a good night's sleep.

The body pillow is an oversized pillow made for embracing during sleep. While not necessarily an essential, it's certainly a valuable item to have for a more cozy rest. We can't hug our partners all night long, and folding a thick comforter into a huggable shape has its limitations. 

One alternative to achieving great sleep is our new full length Natural Latex body Pillow. Our Natural latex body pillow is made with 100% natural latex and covered by certified organic cotton. It’s currently one of the best body pillows on the market because of its unique composition and overall comfort. 

it great benefits, comfort and best value on the market.

Below we list some of the best benefits of our Natural Latex Body Pillow:

1. Relieves pressure points:

If you wake up with body discomfort and pain it might be because your mattress is a little too firm. In response, your body naturally twists and turns your sleeping position, resulting in poorly supported hips, improper spinal alignment, and excess pressure on your arms. 

The Natural Latex body pillow corrects this issue when placed between your knees. It would immediately relieve pressure off your hips and arms to give your body the proper support and comfort. 

2. Reduces tossing and turning:

If you are sleeping in an uncomfortable position, you'll be tossing and turning all night. Hugging your partner is nice, but your partner produces body heat, and has his/her own tossing and turning tendencies that could disrupt your sleep. A body pillow will secure you in place, like the way a toothpick secures the layers of a thick hamburger.

3. Provides benefits of hugging:

Everyone loves hugs in bed, from your body pillow to your favorite teddy bear as a kid. The sensation of hugging something has very real and noticeable benefits. Hugging makes makes us feel safe and relaxed, which is important in creating a feeling of peace as you doze off to sleep. Hugs allow us to quiet our racing inner mind and accordingly relax our muscles.

4. Contribute to your healthy sleeping style:

Our natural latex body pillow is made of 100% natural latex without any synthetic materials. It contains non-toxic chemicals and non flame retardants, and comes with a removable, machine-washable organic cotton cover. The body pillow will keep your body properly aligned, increasing blood circulation. You can also buy our quilted organic cotton cover to protect and prolong its use.

If you are seeking comfort, relief, and free hugs, a body pillow is right for you. 

Find the best natural latex body pillow at We offer free return and free shipping, so you are free to try the Natural Latex body pillow.

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