Latex Body Pillow

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Natural Latex Body Pillow 

Our 100% Natural Latex body pillow is made for embracing during sleep or lounging around on the couch. Its rod-like shape fixes your sleep position the way a toothpick secures the layers of a sandwich together. The result is a superior, comfortable rest. 

  • Pressure Relief - takes pressure off hips, shoulders, arms, and spine, giving body proper support 
  • Optimal Sleep Position - prevents twisting and turning at night by locking body into place
  • Healthy Alignment - proper body alignment increases blood circulation, resulting in a fuller rest
  • Free Hugs - sensation of hugging something puts us at ease, quiets inner mind, and relaxes muscles as we doze off to sleep
  • Uninterrupted Partner - takes pressure off partner, who is prone to tossing/turning and giving off body heat that could disrupt your sleep
  • Remarkable Recovery - natural latex will not squish or flatten with use, maintaining shape and durability
  • All-Natural - free from polyesters and chemical foams that can emit off-gassing
  • Pillow Cover - comes with certified Organic Cotton cover for protection; a thin smooth one for Pillow only option, and thick quilted one for "+Pillow Cover" option
Measurements: 48" long, 8" in diameter


For more on the benefits of natural latex, visit our blog Natural Latex over Memory Foam

Latex Body Pillow has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 6 reviews.

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