Top 3 Benefits of Organic Cotton Sheets

From start to finish, our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton is grown and harvested in Texas and processed without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. However, this purity isn’t the only reason why our Organic Cotton Sheets are so popular. Check out the top 3 benefits of our Organic Cotton Sheets:

  • Highly Durable & Oh-So-Soft: It is unfortunately inevitable that precious cotton fibers are damaged with synthetic chemicals during traditional manufacturing of cotton. Although these chemicals produce a superficially soft product and may seem harmless at first, they ultimately cause severe breakage. What you're left with is a scratchy, rough fabric that will wear out much faster than an organic product.

  • The Healthier Choice: We place your health as our top priority when crafting our sheets with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Did you know that worldwide, cotton growers are responsible for about 16% of the world’s pesticide? According to the World Health Organization, eight of the top ten pesticides most commonly used in the U.S. to conventionally produce cotton were classified as moderately to highly hazardous. Think about that – moderately to highly hazardous toxins that you and your family cozy up in on a nightly basis. Yuck.

  • More Bang for Your Buck: Regular cotton, Egyptian cotton or Organic cotton?  Shopping for sheet sets can be a little overwhelming. One of our main goals is to give you purely Organic cotton sheets, luxuriously soft comfort, eco-friendly benefits at the most affordable price. With our Organic Cotton Sheets there is no sacrifice of cost, comfort or health. 

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