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Multiple terms in the field of bedding types are surely a huge headache to look at. That is the result of many years of bedding history, from the grass bedding of more than 200,000 years ago to the straws, leaves, and animal skin soft bedding from Ancient history.

Despite that significant history, many of us still find it hard to distinguish between many basic bedding types, especially the two words we’re about to mention. Are comforters considered linens? Or are they two different things? Let’s discover this topic with us in the following content!

Are Comforters Considered Linens?

Many explanations on the Internet about this topic must have driven you crazy with conflicting information. Is a comforter a linen? Indeed, comforters can be considered linens since bed linens cover many bedding collections in your linen closet.

Still, the opposite is not true. A linen doesn’t mean that it’s a comforter. In other words, bed linens cover many types, including comforters.

A comforter includes a cover with down or fibers stuffed inside and has all 4 sides sewn together. People often place this type on top of their sack to ensure a dreamy night. It is also a family member alongside sheets, bedspreads, duvet, blankets, etc. 

The reason why many people mistake that it is not is when they see linen as a fabric instead of referring it to a category of different things. If referred to as fabric, it is only a cloth covering other things, while comforters come with things stuffed inside for more comfort.

Do Comforters Count As Linens?

Is a comforter considered bedding? As we have explained above, comforters do count as bed linens. It is a type of blanket we put on top of everything to keep ourselves warm and comfy while sleeping. The filling is often synthetic fiber.

After getting the blanket filled, people secure it by quilting or stitching to keep it well-distributed. There’re still those who refer to it as a duvet, but the difference is that it is only one part of one’s linens.

What Are Considered Linens?

Though the history of this name dates back to the European’s Middle Ages, it’s only until the 18th century that this industry became important across the globe. Let’s see some bed items it covers.

Top Or Flat Sheet

People use the top (or flat) sheet in North America to separate us from the quilt, blanket, and comforter, unlike the Europeans (and the US on a later date) whose popular choice is duvet cover.

Bottom Or Fitted Sheet

This one is used to cover the mattress with the help of its elastic straps on the edges to keep it in place. The usage alone explains why it is called “fitted”.


Bed coverings that are made from polyester, wool, chenille, or cotton that we use to decorate our sack. They often extend to the floor.


Decorative fabric that goes on top of the bedspread but doesn’t extend to the floor.


A one-layer fabric made of fibers blend, microfiber plush, polyester, cotton, or wool to keep us warm.


A comforter is a thick bedding cover padded with soft fiber fillers then quilted to secure the stuffing inside for extra warmth.

As time goes by, comforters have branched into many types. Yet, organic comforters with hypoallergenic properties always come out on top with their skin-friendly nature.


A solid white version of the comforter that is often filled with down. Unlike its sibling, this alternative option requires the help of a duvet cover.

Duvet Cover

A decorative covering that consists of buttons or zipper closures to protect the duvet inside.

Are Sheets And Linens The Same Thing?

They are not the same thing. Bed sheets are thin cloth to cover the mattress or add an extra layer to the sleeper. The other one is a set of everything we put over our sack, and it does consist of sheets.


Let's look at some common questions about this topic.

Are Blankets Considered Linens?

It is a set of stuff to make your sack. It comes with a quilt, blanket, fitted sheet, and flat sheet. That’s why blankets count as one of its components. 

Source: Wikimedia

What Is The Difference Between Bedding And Linen?

They are almost the same, except that the former means the association of textiles with your bed, for example, blankets, bedspreads, pillowcases, sheets, etc. The latter, as mentioned, is all the cloth goods that make up your bedding sets.

What Is The Difference Between A Bedspread And A Comforter?

They seem so alike, standing next to each other, but the latter is more insulated. It is, therefore, aid height and additional warmth and will be more appropriate during cold days. One more difference is that the bedspread comes with a different stitching style that differs it from the other one. 

Still, owning both of them will be smarter since you can change your bed cover season to season.

Is A Comforter The Same As A Blanket?

It’s quite simple, indeed. While a comforter consists of two layers with a layer of insulation in between, a blanket is only one layer. Surely one layer of fabric might not be enough for cold days, but it will be more efficient as you can add more stuffing when you feel cold and remove some if it’s too hot.

Are Comforters Meant To Be Slept With?

You can do that! You can use your comforter as your blanket. Though many people might tell you different stories on how the two of them should be placed together, just remember, it's the right order as long as you’re comfortable!

Still, the proper way to arrange everything is to give you a closer view: sheets, blanket, and comforter (from bottom-up).

To Sum Up

Are comforters considered linens? This question must have circled your mind from time to time. Well, it certainly is. Not only comforters, but it also covers much other stuff. 

Understanding this issue can secure you some financing options for your bedroom decor. Make sure you know your product options before clicking purchase, or else you might end up buying something out of your expectations!

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