Are you a Side Sleeper? - Find the Right Pillow for You!

July 17, 2018

Are you someone that thinks it doesn't matter what pillow you sleep on or that every pillow is the same?

Truth is, you could be sleeping on the wrong pillow, and be potentially missing out on a pillow that could change the way you feel and sleep.  Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper; sleeping on the wrong pillow could have caused you to experience pain around your neck, back or shoulders.

Good news is, you don’t have to worry about sleeping in a pillow that is not doing its job on getting you the rest you need.

There are things you must consider before choosing a pillow that’s for you.

As you can see the comfort of your sleep rely greatly on the pillow and the mattress you sleep on. If you are a side sleeper the ideal pillow is a pillow that provides you with the right height to keep your spine in place.

If your pillow is too high then this will cause your neck to bend upwards and out of proper alignment. If your pillow is too low this will cause your neck to position itself downwards also causing unalignment.

If it can’t be too high nor too low then what is the ideal pillow and how do I choose? It all depends on your height and weight 

If you look into the chart above you can find your height and weight in 3 different zones the green, yellow and the red.

If you are a someone in the green area we recommend you go with firmness: soft or regular. If you are someone who prefers a little firmness then go with the regular latex pillow.

Yellow zone we recommend to go with either the Regular/ Firm. If you are someone who prefers the firm side then go with a Firm.

Red Zone we recommend to go with the Firm. If you are looking for a softer feel then you can try the Regular.

Choosing the right pillow would allow you to eliminate any pain your current pillow is causing you. The main reason why many of you experience body discomforts the moment you wake up is because your body is not aligned during your sleep. You must position your body in a way your neck and spine are in proper position and getting the support they need.

  • The ideal pillow for side sleeper will provide the right height that keep the spine aligned.
  • The best pillow for side sleeper should help you stay aligned throughout the night. It should not collapse and should not bend your neck downward.
  • More importantly, it should give you the comfort that you will never ever forget.  


The support of latex pillows is simply incomparable, this natural pillow will be the best choice for you. The latex pillow is supportive, soft and is known for its excellent pain relieving potentials. The perks of owning a natural latex pillow is that it stays in place, and does not clump up or develop hollows spots.

When you choose a high quality natural/ organic Latex pillow covered in organic cotton cover, there will be no off smell and foul odor. They are also anti-microbial and hypoallergenic that makes them a perfect choice for side sleepers.

Now, here is the list of the types of the best Natural/Organic Latex pillow for side sleepers to choose from:


Natural Latex Dunlop

  • Sizes Available: Standard
  • Firmness Available : Regular

Natural Latex Low Loft Pillow

  • Size Available: Standard
  • Firmness Available: Soft , Firm

Latex Contour Pillow (best one if you experience neck pain)

  • Available in Natural & Organic
  • Loft Available: Normal & Low-Loft

Premium Natural Latex Pillow- Dual Zone

  • Sizes Available: Standard, Queen, King
  • The process of this pillow is not available in different firmness
  • This pillow tends to be a little firmer than other pillows

Organic Latex Pillow

  • Sizes Available: Standard, Queen, King
  • Dual zone designed
  • Pin-Core Design:  delivers superior air flow to prevent build up of moisture.
  • This pillow tends to be a little firmer than other pillows

Talalay Natural Latex Pillow

  • Sizes Available: Standard, Queen, King
  • Firmness Available: Regular, Soft

Have any questions or still need help making a choice? Chat with us on our home page or simply send us an email at

If you are ready to change the way you sleep with a natural/organic latex pillow

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Disclaimer: Information mentioned above are just recommendations, we are not doctors. If you are experiencing any pain, please visit your doctor.

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