Enhance Your Mattress with an Extra Layer of Pure Comfort - Find a Latex Topper that is Right for You!

October 23, 2017

Are you tired of sleeping in your hard mattress? Is your mattress causing you your sleep? Or are you are simply looking into enhancing your bed?  If so, then keep on reading because it’s time to transform your bed by simply adding an extra layer of pure Organic/ Natural Latex with a topper.

When people experience discomfort with their hard mattress they automatically think they need to change their whole mattress, truth is they don’t. Here is why, buying a new mattress can get expensive and latex toppers are not as high in price. Why spend more money when you can save and get life changing results with a latex topper.  Investing in a mattress topper is probably the most economic and best thing you can do to enhance your mattress.

Here at My Organic Sleep you’ll find latex toppers that are premium quality and are made of all natural latex, meaning no synthetic chemicals are used in the process of making them. Organic and Natural Latex toppers are designed to improve the quality of your sleep without having to compromise your health and the environments.

Customers who added a latex topper and suffered from back pain no longer get aches because toppers have helped them relieve pressure off their backs. Latex toppers are good at holding the shape of your body and supporting your natural posture.

Great benefits come from enhancing your sleep with an Organic/Natural latex topper. Transform your bed now and get the most healthy and enjoyable sleep!

Head over to myorganicsleep.com where you can find a variety of Organic and Natural Latex Toppers. If you have hard time knowing where to start, below is a list of the different kind of toppers available:

Pick your preference:

1 to 2 inches – usually provides a little extra comfort, but can be quite firm if the density is also high. Good for those with a firm mattress who just need a little extra comfort and support for the body.

3 inches – a popular choice if you’re not sure which thickness to choose. Provides a good level of softness and support.


If you prefer a firm surface or sleep on your front: in this case, go for a thinner 2 inch topper. That would provide good support for your body shape

If you sleep on your side or back: try a thickness of 3 inches to get more support for your back and limbs.


My Organic Sleep also offers covers for your toppers, it is recommended to add a cover to protect and double the life of your Natural Latex Toppers:

Organic Cotton Cover

Protect your Latex topper with our 100% organic cover and get the softest feel on your latex topper. This cover is highly durable and has a cushion cotton raised pattern, as you come in contact with this cover you will feel a very soft, cozy and comfortable touch.


Natural Bamboo Cover

Bring luxury and comfort to your bed with a bamboo cover, very sustainable fabric because it’s regenerated from wood cellulose. Highly resistant to dust mites and it’s grown without pesticides. Bamboo is one of the softest fabrics in the world; results in a very enjoyable good night sleep.

Natural Tencel Cover

Tencel is extremely eco-friendly and it’s known for its silky softness, absorbency, smooth and cool touch feel. This cover absorbs moisture like no other and naturally releases in away from the body. This results in a cool and delightful sleeping environment throughout the night.


Disclaimer: Everything on this article is based on Customer’s experience. We are not experts in back pain or sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping or are experiencing any kind of back pain, please visit your doctor. Thank you.

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