An Ultimate Explanation: How Long Does Mattress Topper Last?

December 15, 2021

An Ultimate Explanation: How Long Does Mattress Topper Last?


Mattress toppers made from materials like organic, latex, cotton, natural, and wool have become more and more popular nowadays. A good topper should provide extra comfort for your whole body regardless of the sleeping posture, as well as act as an active protective bedding layer. 

Yet, what is the average lifespan of this ultimate layer? How can you extend its lifespan? Scroll down to know how long does mattress topper last now!

how long does mattress topper last

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What Exactly Is A Mattress Topper? 

A mattress topper is a piece of bedding created to be placed on top of your  to provide additional support and comfort.

Its primary goal is to make your sleep as pleasant as possible, but it also has additional advantages, including increasing the shelf life of your bed and enhancing hygiene.

Although you can choose from a variety of toppers made from different materials such as organic, cotton, latex, wool, foam, memory foam, natural, those products made from latex, organic, and natural are the top options. 

In particular, organic material becomes preferable among consumers in comparison to foam. This is because memory foam is a type of polyurethane composed of various compounds that help it absorb energy. Many foam products do not account for possibly dangerous additives, chemical sprays, and synthetics utilized in the production process. 

Meanwhile, with the organic latex, the entire manufacturing process is monitored in compliance with the Global Organic Latex Standard, from seed selection to finished latex item! 

This implies the seeds are clear of GMOs, the fertilizers and soil used are non-toxic, and every stage of the manufacturing process is documented and verifiable. As a result, the final product is made up of approximately 95% organic raw materials.

how often should you replace mattress topper

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Toppers, pads, and protectors are those common phrases that people normally call this product. In fact, toppers and pads are actually two different things regardless of how similar their roles possibly sound.

Although both of them all enhance the comfort of your bed, the toppers are thicker, require less care, and provide you with that body support! 

Toppers and protectors, on the other hand, serve various tasks and are not interchangeable. The main function of the protector one is to safeguard the bed from harm and wear and tear. It may bring some relaxation, but that’s not its main purpose.

What Are the Benefits Of A Mattress Topper?

Here are five main reasons why you should invest in this product:

1. Added Convenience

A topper is the greatest method to make your sleeping space even cozier and more pleasant.

2. Extend The Lifespan Of Your Bed

Mattress toppers will not only give comfort but will also extend the life of the mattresses. To be more specific, it helps reduce the pressure on the coils and minimize the percentage of general wear and sagging. 

3. Bring Back the Softness

If your mattresses lose much of their softness and aren't as comfortable as they once were, a topper will wake it up and regain its image as a sleep haven.

4. A Cleaner And Safer Space

No matter how many times you wash your bed sheet, it still gathers a lot of bed bugs, dead skin, or dust mites. We don't like those when we go beneath the covers, do we? So, how would you keep them out? A topper is the best option because it is much easier to remove, ensuring that your bed remains healthy and sanitary at all moments.

5. Keep Yourself Warm And Comfortable

During the harsh wintertime, toppers can help maintain your additional cozy. The degree of warmth will be determined by the material you choose.

How Long Does Mattress Topper Last?

Quality, the amount of weight placed on it, the frequency with which it is used, and how well it is preserved all influence the answer to the questionHow long should a mattress topper last?”

Even if properly maintained, low-quality items may only last a few years until they quit providing the necessary assistance. Meanwhile, a high-quality product constructed of long-lasting materials can last up to between 8 and 10 years.

how long should you keep a mattress topper

Source: My Organic Sleep.

Although there are indicators that your item requires replacement, there is no hard and fast rule on how often should you replace a mattress topper

After ten years, its softness and stability will begin to show symptoms of wear, but many factors are involved, including the material, the weight of the user, and how well the toppers have been cared for. One way to tell if it's necessary to update the item or not is based on the feel of your back every time you leave the bed - If your back feels bad after waking up, this is an indication for a replacement! 

How Do You Extend The Life Of Your Mattress?

Adherence to these few important preventative guidelines can help it last as long as possible. There are three simple methods:

1. Never Eat In Your Bed 

It's not a good idea to eat in bed. Bits of food tend to escape, seep and nestle into the layers of your bed, transforming it into a fertile ground for all sorts of unpleasant germs and mildew, no matter how careful you try to be.

2. Do Not Allow Puppy And Kittens To Sleep In Your Bed

Do not allow your animals to sleep in your bed. Letting fluffy mates snuggle with you on those winter days feels warm; we understand. Still, the smooth, porous, dark interiors of mattresses are ideal homes for ringworm and other parasitic parasites found in pets. You surely do not want these creatures to hide under your bed, do you?

3. Frequently Flip/Rotate 

Flip/rotate the mattresses (if required). If the supplier's instructions specify that the product should be turned or rotated every several months, do not do the opposite! Following the guidelines is one of the most important keys to increasing the shelf life of the item.

how often to change mattress topper

Source: My Organic Sleep.

Final Thoughts

Until these last lines, you've undoubtedly gained useful information regarding the topic “how long does mattress topper last?and other relevant aspects.

This bedroom item can greatly assist in extending the life of your bed, as well as provide extra support for your body - ensuring better sleep. Purchasing a high-quality topper can be costly, and maintaining it may require some time. However, the numerous benefits of it indeed outweigh the costs!

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