How To Wash Dry Clean Only Comforter? Easy Steps

Like many people, you can be into dry-clean-only garments and wish to give the best care to them. Even so, are you confident enough to share how to wash dry clean only comforter properly? 

To help you out, this article will show you the quick steps of using washing machines and more cleaning tips to save money, time, and give back spotless bedding linens! 

Keep reading for well-rounded instruction!

Wash your comforter the right way

Wash your comforter the right way. Source: Unsplash

Can I Machine Wash A Dry-Clean-Only Comforter? 

Yes. You can have the machine washing for a dry-clean-only comforter with ease.

Turn it inside out and place it inside a mesh bag made specifically to protect it throughout a wash. 

Set the gentle cycle and cold wash with a mild detergent. Once the washing cycle is over, remove your clothes and lay them flat to dry. And we will unveil all steps to do this task using a washer and dryer.

How To Wash Dry Clean Only Comforter

How to wash a dry clean only comforter at home? Here are all steps you can follow up:

Place Your Comforter In Your Washing Machine

How to wash dry clean only comforter at home? To have the comforter dry cleaned, better results can be achieved using a large capacity (large front loading) washer and fewer distractions (minimum clothing items).

Use The Proper Amount Of Laundry Detergent

Utilizing the cleaners we provide will undoubtedly be efficient. Although, if you want to preserve the insulating qualities, use them sparingly with a precise amount.

Warm Wash, Cold Rinse Cycle

When washing comforters, the proper water temperature is key.

For this reason, we only suggest a move-over and the rinse cycles (not more than that). Adjust the temperature suitably (warm wash - cold rinse).

The heavily soiled comforter must be thoroughly cleansed of all soap residue. As such, you would boost the material's overall integrity nicely.

Dry A Dry Clean Only Comforter

Put your comforter inside a dryer with a high capacity. Ensure it doesn't sit for too long in your dryer. Typically, a couple of hours will suffice.

Given the delicate wash cycle, you should exercise the utmost patience. This will guarantee a spotless result with no chance of mold growth.

Use the dryer ball for the drying process

Use the dryer ball for the drying process. Source: wikimedia

Include Wool Dryer Balls Or Tennis Balls

Clean tennis balls and Dryer balls are typically present to keep the fluffiness. Put four to five balls inside the dryer to retain the comforter's evenness.

Afterward, it would be wise to take the comforter out of the dryer and fluff it up at least five times. This will guarantee optimum consistency and efficient cleanup.

Set It Down

All left to do is take your comforter outside, air dry, and allow it to sit for a while after the last procedure. It should be sufficient to spend 30 to 60 mins in the sun for air circulation.

How Do You Dry Clean A Comforter At Home?

How to dry clean a comforter at home? Stick to these nine steps:

Step 1

How to dry clean comforter at home? First things first, you need a dry-cleaning kit. We recommend Dryel. With the help of steam, Dryel is a kit for at-home dry cleaning meant for fabric care. It works wonders with many bedding items, including a duvet cover or comforter.

Dryel is a product you can buy at your local store, Walmart, or other online retailers.

Step 2

To get a fantastic smell, clean the bed sheets while you prepare the comforter.

Step 3

You may employ the stain removal pen to erase any minor blemishes from the bedding, such as those caused by food, wine, dust mites, or even pet dander. Go for spot cleaning if needed.

Step 4

Using Dryel or any powerful dry-cleaning kit in this step.

Afterward, throw the comforter and 2 Dryel cloths into the dryer (instead of using the typical bag). Indeed, the bag is too small to be used with a comforter.

Give the bedding a delicate cycle while washing

Give the bedding a delicate cycle while washing. Source: Unsplash

Step 5

Set a dryer to medium heat for 15 mins. Now is the moment for the cloths to become active and the steam to clean your comforter.

Step 6

Make the bed with your freshly cleaned sheets (in step 2)  while the comforter cleans itself. By the moment you are done, the dry-cleaning cycle should almost finish.

Step 7

The comforter should be ready to use after 15 mins, yet if it comes too wet, tumble dry it for an extra 5 mins.

Step 8

Next, throw 2 Dryel cleaning cloths away if they're not reusable.

Even when we didn't utilize the bag in step 4, you can use it for up to 30 dry cleaning runs. Keep it for later use, we mean.

Step 9

Place the freshly cleaned comforter on the bed to complete your at-home dry-cleaning adventure!

You will be like staying in your preferred hotel when entering a freshly cleaned bed.

Let the comforter completely dry

Let the comforter completely dry. Source: Unsplash

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What Happens If You Wash A Comforter That Says Dry Clean Only?

What happens if I wash a dry clean only comforter? Some fibers labeled “Dry clean only”, like wool or silk can get affected or shrink in the washer. 

With that in mind, it's better to leave such bedding linens to cleaning professional services. Otherwise, keep washing it in a machine will destroy the fabric.

On the other hand, when the care label says machine-wash is Ok, you just need to stick to the care instructions sparingly, like using warm water, cold water, gentle detergent, or hand washing at a time.

How Often Can I Dry Clean Your Comforter?

We advise dry washing the natural, organic, or bamboo comforter (or other materials) every 3 months or so. Drop off your comforter once a week at a local dry cleaner if you never use a top sheet or have allergies.

Why Does My Comforter Smell After Dry Cleaning?

Due to the kerosene-like solvent perchloroethylene (perc) substance, dry cleaning sometimes makes your items smell.

Solvents for dry cleaning often dissolve quickly on thin bed linens. For heavier, thicker materials, though, they could take more time to fully evaporate, leaving a smell before that.

Use the cool water in the washing machine if needed

Use the cool water in the washing machine if needed. Source: Unsplash

The Bottom Line

Like the rest of us, you likely keep your dry-clean-only garments in a separate hamper or at the back of your closet until you work up the nerve to take them to the dry cleaners. 

At this point, nothing seems better than grasping how to wash dry clean only comforter to best care for your bedding. And your bedroom will spread the freshness again.

Follow the guide and feel the vibe. Share this formula with other homemakers as well!

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