What on earth is Kapok?

March 01, 2018

Kapok Pillow


You may be asking what in the world is Kapok Kapok refers to a tropical tree and the fiber from its fruit. It’s also known as silk cotton or java cotton. The fibers are harvested through the seedpod of the fruit. This seedpod produces the fluffy kapok fiber material with hundreds of seeds. A fully grown kapok tree can easily yield up to 15 kilograms of fiber each year.

During harvesting, the unopened ripe pods are either knocked down or cut off the tree. The fruits are then opened: hundreds of seeds and fibers are removed by hand, segregating them from the fiber.

Kapok is a very distinguishable fiber. It is described as being softer and silkier than traditional cotton would be. Unlike cotton and other fibers, kapok has a bouncy aspect. This makes it ideal for pillows as it can bounce back to its original state. Although occasional fluffing may still be required sporadically.

The waxy coating on the kapok fiber helps give it a silky feel. This also benefits its amazing moisture-resistant qualities. In other words, if you feel uncomfortably warm while you sleep then this might be the perfect pillow for you. Unlike other pillows, it can naturally reduce clumping as this pillow can easily adjust to the proper shape due to a waterproof-wax-like coating.

Due to all the amazing benefits, we created a Kapok pillow. Their soft & amazing silk feeling makes it the perfect pillow for anyone who wants the best of both worlds.

Order yours now so you too can enjoy the Kapok Experience.

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