Organic Cotton Comforter

September 15, 2014

As we enter into an age of more health-conscious living, we find ourselves spending time looking for alternative methods and replacements that will enable us to experience a long, healthy, and overall more fulfilling lifestyle. And in the world of bedding, there are few who have experience in bringing the healthiest alternatives to you. Most comforters on the market are either non-organic or partially organic; which could be a cause for concern since virtually half of our lives is spent sleeping and breathing into them — a process called "off-gassing". When chemical fibers such as polyester, additives such as softeners, and fire retardant are entering your lungs on a regular basis from these non-organic comforters, it's shocking how many people can sleep at night. For those seeking a healthier alternative lifestyle, here are some key points to understand when it comes to choosing your comforters.

Some companies have reported their comforters as organic because it has organic cotton covering.  Others have introduced organic cotton comforters to resemble polyester comforters, but they tend to require dry cleaning. Such a process is not ideal as it can infect the comforter with dry-cleaning chemical residue.

In response, Organic Textiles LLC has made a recent development of an all organic comforter made like a quilt with box-stitch-type construction to allow for regular wash. This comforter can be washed in a large home washer and dryer. 

This comforter is made from all organic cotton. Organic cotton sateen cover and organic cotton filling inside. Filling is clear of any cotton plant stalk and seeds.  Such fiber cleaning is accomplished mechanically rather than a chemical way to preserve organic purity. The comforter is processed minimally to avoid chemicals such as odorant, softeners etc.. It weighs about 14 oz to be usable as an all-season comforter. It can also be used as an organic bed coverlet. 

Other benefits of these comforters are:

  1. Great organic duvet with all organic content. Free from polyester and chemical additives.
  2. Free from chemical off-gassing. A natural alternative to synthetics.
  3. Moderate weight for all season use.
  4. Can be used a duvet with matching duvet covers.
  5. Can be fluffed us in a regular dryer for softer and lofty performance
  6. Can be used as organic cotton coverlet with matching sham.

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