Organic & Eco-friendly Play Mats For infants

Organic & Non-Toxic Play Mats For The Most Eco Friendly Fun

When you become a new parent you will soon discover the value of play mats. 

Aside from staging the cute little baby photos, they provide a safe and clean surface for feeling, discovering, and development. 

Between tummy time, rolling around crawling, tumbling, and playing, little toddlers spend a lot of time on the floor or preferably on a mat. 

But that also means they come close contact with materials that may present a risk to your baby’s health. Playtime should be fun, not something that may cause  concerns. 

That’s why we came up with an amazing list of organic and trusted brands like Makemake Organics and their ethically-made organic play mats.


1st choice: Hemp Organic Life’s Organic Hemp-Filled Play Mats

Hemp Organic Life provides toddlers and babies with organic hemp products.

They offer a few simple organic play mats to choose from including organic hemp filler (two of our favorite sustainable fabrics) and non-dyed with a quilted linen cover.

Hemp is naturally antimicrobial antibacterial, so luckily, the organic hemp play mats are machine washable and dryer-friendly.  

About Hemp Organic Life

The Ukrainian Etsy shop sources organic hemp locally from local, chemical-free farms. All products are also manufactured in Ukraine by a small team of seamstresses who crafts mostly eco-friendly bedding for infants and adults, floor cushions, and many more.


2nd choice: Makemake Organics’ Organic Cotton Play Mats

Makemake Organics has washable organic cotton play mats that are available in three quilted, round, reversible styles. 

The mats are  perfect for both tummy time and playtime, which also has a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover dyed with OEKO-TEX-certified polyfill filling and non-toxic dyes.

The high-quality materials ensure long-lasting play, which can also be a very useful pass-me-down to younger siblings. If it can’t be handed down, then the  cover is entirely compostable. Just be sure to remove the filling.


3rd choice: Toki Mats’ Non Toxic Foam Play Mats

The non-toxic natural foam play mats by Toki Mats come with a firm OEKO-TEX natural dunlop latex foam or GOLS certified organic latex filling to help infants get on their feet easily. The flame retardant-free filling is anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, self-ventilating, and biodegradable.  

The mat can easily be folded for traveling, and has several removable cover options, either made of  OEKO-TEX-certified water resistant  100% organic cotton, or bamboo. 

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