Our Real Down is the Real Deal

Real Down fibers
Of all the options on the market, down is probably the most widely known as a luxurious bedding material. Most commonly used as fill for premium quality comforters, down is the layer of fluffy feathers closest to the skin that make up a bird's undercoat, found under the tougher exterior feathers.

Down feathers have soft fibers that spread out from a central point, forming wispy, delicate clusters. This unique structure traps air in a way that gives down excellent insulating qualities. These pockets of air are also responsible for its considerable loft and volume.

What is so special about the down offered at MyOrganicSleep?

Most down pillows are filled with a mix of fluffy down feathers and regular feathers, resulting in a decent gradation of density. Our down pillows are filled entirely with soft clusters of down feathers, with the tougher, firmer ones in the center and the more delicate ones on the outside. This gives the pillow its firmness and support without the flattening qualities of regular feathers, or their tendency to poke their quills out of the fabric. 

When our down pillow is pushed upon, it "inflates" back to shape like a bounce house slowly being filled with air. It doesn't return to its exact original shape the way memory foam does, but maintains its structural integrity despite its softness. 

  • Lofty Support - Clusters of down are filled with air pockets for a more voluminous feel
  • Fluffy Soft - Delicate down fibers can be fluffed up or pushed down while retaining overall support
  • Insulating - airy down fiber clusters are effective in trapping heat
  • Long-Lasting - Down will gradually spring back into shape after your head pushes into it instead of lying flat
  • NO QUILLS - Without traditional feathers in the filling, no quills will be poking out of the fiber to disrupt your rest

Our Real Down is derived from the goose for the higher fill power because geese are larger than ducks. While others process their down with harsh softening chemicals, we simply double-wash the material with natural soaps and enzymes to reduce the potential for allergens. There may be a slight natural odor to the real down for this reason, although most sleepers do not notice or find it an issue.

Here at MyOrganicSleep, both our Real Down Comforter and Real Down Pillow are covered in Organic Cotton. 

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