Two Full Beds Together Make What Size Bed - A 2023 Guide

Have you ever thought of pulling full beds flush against each other then? If not, let's give this idea more consideration. Our article will discuss two full beds together make what size bed.

Knowing such information can help when, let’s say, you throw a sleep party in which at least three people join each other for a fun night of DVD games or movie-watching. 

Most of us would love to sleep in the same room to chit-chat throughout the nighttime; but too bad, huge numbers of participants sometimes render even the largest king-size bed insufficient! Below are useful tips.

Two Full Beds Together Make What Size Bed Dimensions?

What size do they make? - Source: Flickr.

Before we delve further into the answer, let's have a quick check at these standard bed size options (measured in Width x Length):

  • Standard Full/Double Bed: 53 inches wide and 75 inches long, pretty spacious for only one single sleeper. For two tall people, however, they can be a bit tight.
  • Regular Twin: 38 inches wide and 75 inches long, great for children or young single adults.
  • XL (Extra-Long) Twin: 38 inches wide and 80 inches long, fitting an average grownup.
  • Queen: 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, enough for two persons (one sleeping couple).
  • Traditional King: 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, providing more personal sleeping space than a Queen.
  • California King: 72 inches wide and 84 inches long, which works best for master bedrooms and taller sleepers in need of extra sleeping space.

As you can see here, two twin size mattresses XL (38 x 80) can form a perfect king size (76 x 80). Otherwise, it's a bit challenging to determine the exact sizes categories that any other combinations fall into - since they either exceed or fall short of the standard mattress sizes.

For instance, two combined doubles (53 x 75) manifest a frame 26 inches wider but 5 inches shorter than a Queen bed (60 x 80). Meanwhile, two regular twin size mattress frames (38 x 75) create a bed 5 inches shorter than regular King beds (whose width is 80 inches). 

Small Tips to Take Note Of Before You Pull Two Beds Together

Things to note - Source: Flickr. 

Assess which option suits your needs for room and personal space better. Remember that customized mattress types and adjustable bed frame services are always available, so turn to them if necessary!

Available accommodations are also a critical factor to consider. For one, you certainly don't want to buy a queen-size bed (or worse, a California king-size mattress) if you are currently living in a small college dorm!

Not to mention, some of your sleeping-party partners may not mind floor space, meaning it's alright to reduce the mattress size a few inches.

How to Pull Your Full Beds Together?

Method 1. Permanent Solution

Permanent solution - Source: Flickr. 

Step 1. Choose larger bed sizes frames with raised edges, featuring a lip to hold every single mattress in place. Otherwise, they will shift apart during your slumber, causing slippage accidents.

Though what bed size to use is up to you, we still recommend larger sizes (at least Queen), which will work better in the long term.

Step 2. Put the box springs onto your bed frame and top them with two mattresses. Make sure they fit the bed snugly. (The great news for those who combine twin mattresses is that there's no need to worry about fitting issues. Twin beds make a perfect king size - just as previously discussed!)

Step 3. Place some foam wedges into any available gap. Fortunately, there are wedges specifically designed for bed combination, purchasable in any retail store! All you need is to press them down, then smoothen the top with your fingers.

Step 4. Disguise the wedge with some mattress pads. 

Of course, such a move is redundant if you feel pretty satisfied with how things turn out. But should the wedge stick out a bit too much for you, it's possible to cover your mattresses with latex foam or pad before putting on the fitted sheets. (Avoid memory foam altogether, since they often exude odd chemical odors). 

Method 2. Quick Fixes (Temporary)

Quick fixes - Source: Flickr. 

Step 1. Strap The Two Mattresses So That They Can Never Slide

Pick some long straps (such as flat ratchet ones) before wrapping them around the mattresses' perimeter. Next, buckle them to tie these mattresses against each other.

After that, put some foam wedges in the bed's center, disguising their gaps. Another solution is to purchase conversion kits from home stores, which include both foam wedges and straps for you. 

Don't find foam wedges that appealing? Then we suggest you put folded handkerchiefs or towels in that hole, covering it with a quilt. (Still, remember that such temporary designs might not be very comfortable in the long run). 

Step 2. Bind Your Bed Frames Together

The next step is to tie the beds' sides or legs together. Any devices are welcome, including a belt, rope, zip tie, or cord. It would be even better if you had some high-performance C-clamps at hand!

Step 3. Turn Your Mattress Sideways in Pinches

Are you an active sleeper with inconsistent sleep styles? Chances are you might still want to secure this makeshift bed further. 

Then put the two mattresses horizontally (rather than vertically). It means one will run along the bed's head while the second one is around the foot. As the bed frame is still horizontal, they will not slide during your sleep!

For a standard king size mattress, there might be a horizontal gap along your bed, though; squeezing some cloth or extra fabric there will help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Two Full Make A Queen Mattress Bed?

No. Refer back to the standard size of bed listed above, and you will see that the answer is pretty obvious. Do the math yourself!

2. How Big Is 2 Full Beds?

Two standard full bed options are 86 x 80 when pushed together. Revisit the chart listed in the previous sections to learn the measurements for other combinations.


Two full beds together make what size bed? Our article has discussed this burning issue in detail. Whether you aim for a temporary fix for sleeping parties or a permanent master bedroom solution that lasts for years, we have got you all covered! 

Navigate to My Organic Sleep for high-quality bedding options, and write to us if troubles still bother you. 

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