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Our bedrooms and our loved one’s bedrooms can be such a supportive space for our health and wellness.  According to the Institute for Building Biology, it is referred to it as a sleep sanctuary.  This covers the pillows, mattress, and of course organic bedding. 

When we sleep our body works in a different way to recover up all the work from during the day.  Our muscles, brains, and systems have time to detox, heal and get ready to start a new day.  

By keeping our beds and bedrooms in line with low to zero-toxin living, it gives our bodies a break from the toxin overload we can experience throughout the day.  We know that proximity to a toxin and length of exposure are often the main key factors in how our bodies are affected by what’s around us.  

This is why organic bedding really matters in terms of creating a healthy sleep environment at home.  It is also why I think it’s such an excellent place to start when you begin cutting out toxins in your comfortable home.

Here let’s go over a few things:

  • Why toxins matter in our sleeping environment
  • The toxins that are in most of our conventional bedding
  • How to find organic sheets and toxin-free bedding

It can be a bit of an investment, but there are so many ways you can slowly swap out bedding for toxin-free alternatives.  That is the beauty of knowing just how to find toxic-free bedding; you can purchase things on sale when you see them if you know what you are looking for.

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2 of the biggest factors that come into play when it comes to toxin exposure is the proximity to a toxin as well as the length of time we are in contact with that toxin.  Sleeping for 6-9 hours a day on a toxin like pesticides or formaldehyde is a long exposure and chances are your body is in direct contact with those toxins. The idea is that we are exposed through the toxins we ingest, the toxins that are touching our very own skin, and the toxins we inhale every day.  Any toxin that we are exposed to in more than one of those ways automatically makes it a toxin that can be difficult for our bodies to get removed through the natural detoxification process.

Our bodies naturally detoxify throughout our everyday lives. However, what happens when we are in contact with more toxins than our body can get rid of?  That is when the body burden comes in. Body burden is when our systems, for ex. your gut, immune or hormones) can’t function properly because they are constantly under the burden of toxins. 

Imagine our body trying to detoxify while we sleep, which this is PRIME time for our bodies to naturally detox.  We have no food coming in and no external toxin exposure, so basically our bodies can work on the toxins that have entered our body throughout the day.  Our bodies can naturally truly restore and you can start the next day fresh with a system that has been mostly cleansed.  

By keeping our sleeping spaces free from as many toxins as possible, it makes this process much more efficient and possible. There are other factors that can come into play, making this detoxification process a tad more tricky.  For example, if you have had mold exposure, it can completely halt the natural detoxification process.  However, overall, this is the idea behind keeping our sleeping sanctuary just that it is a place to let our bodies heal and restore. 

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