Organic Wool Vs. Australian Wool - The Great Debate

wool comforter

What is the difference between our Australian and Organic Wool comforters?

They are both filled in with Australian natural wool; the only difference is the cover. The Australian wool is covered in 350 Thread Count Fine Cotton Sateen and the "Organic" Wool is covered with 100% GOTS-certified Organic Cotton.

Why not offer organic wool, isn't it better?

Organic wool is incredibly difficult to wash without destroying its fibers. Since the material isn't machine washable, you would need to send it to the dry cleaners and expose it to harmful chemicals associated with dry cleaning, undermining its organic qualities. 

Our comforters are processed with natural enzymes that allow the natural wool to be machine washed at home, so there's no need to waste mileage and money heading to the dry cleaners. As long as you follow special instructions, you'll be able to wash your comforter as many times as you wish.

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