Why getting a seat cushion is a great investment

Sitting for long periods has shown to cause a myriad of health issues, but like most of us, you’re probably not going to stop sitting. So, if you use a chair, you should at least do all you can to prevent certain health issues. One easy and affordable way is by using a quality seat cushion. Even though people spend far too much time sitting, somehow, most of the places & chairs we sit on aren’t very comfortable or well-designed to support healthy posture. Chairs tend to squeeze our hips, mis-align the pelvis and spine, and practically force you into either lounging or slumping. 

Ergonomic office chairs are one solution for those stuck with long hours at a desk, but these can be expensive, and they don’t help for other situations like sitting in a car, at home, or in public places. Ergonomic seat cushions, on the other hand, are easy to carry, affordable, and provide a significant boost in comfort and support for a variety of settings. So, what are the amazing benefits of seat cushions?

Benefits of Seat Cushions


Seat cushions make it easier to sit with better posture, which helps your body develop a better natural posture. Having good innate posture makes you less prone to chronic pain and increases focus and energy. It makes you feel happier and more confident, and it gives you a more confident appearance. It even helps you age more gracefully, so you can avoid getting a cane when you are an elder. 

Less compression on your spine and tailbone

Poorly designed seats apply too much pressure on your hips and tailbone, which can cause pain and fatigue. This can even lead to spine and joint issues that impact your quality of life. A good seat cushion will redistribute that compressive force and protect your body from the usual wear and tear.  


With better posture and less pain, you’re bound to feel more energized and less distracted. You might be surprised how much more you can be focused when you use a supportive seat cushion, and you still have energy for life outside work!


If you’re going to sit for a significant amount of time, being comfortable is definitely a concern. Everyone knows that quality memory foam feels great since it conforms to your exact body shape while giving you proper support. And when you combine that luxurious squishy quality with an ergonomic seat cushion design, you might finally see what you’re actually missing out on. 


How to Get the Most Benefit From a Seat Cushion

When using a seat cushion, sit with your feet planted on the ground and your hips rotated slightly back. Get up to move and stretch frequently, every 40 minutes or so. This will keep your muscles and other muscles from tightening and freezing into the seated posture. We’re made for movement, so keep movement into your day, even if you do have to sit some of the time. Sitting may be the new smoking, but not all sitting is the same, and with proper support from a quality seat cushion, you can feel better doing it and reduce the negative impacts. How has using a seat cushion helped you? 

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