Why You Don't Want Hotel Style Bedding in Your Home

August 02, 2016

Many of us who travel regularly have found a more luxurious sleep in our hotel rooms than at home. This leads some to model their home bedding after these pristine, presentable spaces. However, there are a number of qualities of hotel bedding that make it not ideal for your own bedroom. 
Hotel linens are chosen to last long and make a good first impression for a temporary stay. White is by far the most widely used color for hotels because it’s the easiest to clean. White sheets are washed through bleaching, which is a harsh and unsafe process that is not recommended in the home. Our natural sheets at MyOrganicSleep are cleaned with an organic whitening peroxide during the production process, and are available in variety of colors and patterns. We recommend washing with a natural laundry detergent at home to keep your sheets non-toxic. 
For your bedroom, you want to choose the bedding that will meet your preferences long term. Hotel sheets are also typically in higher thread counts to withstand daily washing, resulting in a thicker texture. They are almost always made of Egyptian Cotton, known for its breathable and silky qualities, to compensate for the inherent roughness from the thickness. The advantage of home bedding is that you don't have to wash as regularly as a hotel, giving you a wider variety of thread counts, weaving, ply, and fabric to choose from. Our sheets at MyOrganicSleep are of comparable luxuriousness without the high price tag of Egyptian Cotton.
Hotel bedding usually comes in one consistent pattern of textures and colors. Shoppers often buy matching comforter and sheet sets for this reason - it requires less research on their part if they can get all the recommended options in one package. The problem is that this limits how specific you can get with your preferences. 
Here at MyOrganicSleep, you can pair a bamboo duvet cover over a down alternative comforter, placed over a tencel bed sheet with an organic cotton pillowcase on a natural latex pillow. 

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