Will Twin Comforter Fit Twin XL Bed? The Answer Is Much Simple!

The bedroom's role is irreplaceable. It's wherein you rest and recharge after a hectic day. Today's topic will stick to the beds' decoration with a vital item: Comforters, specifically about its size and fitness.

In fact, all issues make you scratch your head sometimes, including “Will Twin Comforter fit twin XL bed?’’ or “Do comforters come in twin XL”? Slide down for further discovery!

Will Twin Comforter fit twin XL bed?

Will Twin Comforter Fit Twin XL?

It’s absolutely ‘’Yes’’ to the question: Will a twin comforter fit a twin XL bed?


First off, get one thing clear: what is the difference between the Twin and Twin XL bed size?

Twin bed size comes in 38 x 75 inches in dimensions. Meanwhile, a twin XL is mildly longer than a standard twin 5 inches. Accordingly, twin XL goes well to people over 6 feet, and the twin is better for ones under 6 feet.

Therefore, a twin comforter fits the twin XL 5 inches shorter than the bed’s length.

After grabbing the difference between these two sizes, we could conclude: it’s easy to fit a twin comforter into a twin XL bed.

Still, the 5-inch deviation in length makes things a bit uncomfortable. It will cover your body full, yet it never covers the bed lengthwise, though. 

Hence, a comforter draping around all sides is preferable if you insist on the entire harmony at large.

What Size Comforter Fits A Twin XL Bed?

What Size Comforter Fits A Twin XL Bed?

Now that you’ve got the answer to “can you use a twin comforter on a twin XL bed?’’ Afterward, let’s optimize your search with other good options.

A twin XL bed measures 39 x 80 inches, so a comforter at least 90 inches long and 39 inches wide will be compatible with the Twin XL (even in case of the extra length).

In reality, the twin XL bed seems more sought-after. It is a perfect fit for one adult, notably college dorms, small apartments, and even studios. A twin XL bed is exactly half of a queen-size bed and equal to a split-king-size bed.

So, do twin comforters fit on dorm beds? - Yes, of course. The majority of dorm beds are twin XL ones.

What Is The Difference Between Twin Vs Twin XL Comforter?

What Is The Difference Between Twin Vs Twin XL Comforter?

Both twin-size comforter and twin XL comforters are comparable in width, yet the twin XL is 5 inches longer. So, how big is a twin XL comforter?

  • A standard twin comforter is 39 inches wide and 75 inches long.
  • A twin XL comforter is 39 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Grasping these sizes ensures that you’re buying the right size, fitting your bed perfectly.


Will Regular Twin Sheets Fit XL?

Yes is the final answer to this question.

Their measurements are typically 66 inches wide and 96 inches long regarding the regular twin-size sheets. It’ll be off some inches but not noticeable if you use the twin sheets for twin XL beds.

In fact, some manufacturers use the same size for both their twin XL and twin flat sheet. For the utmost comfort, other companies come up with well-performing and great-qualified twin and twin XL sheets 102 inches long.

That said, it’s best to buy a snuggly fitted twin XL sheet for your mattress.

What Should You Look For In A Comforter for Your Bed?

Picking a comforter isn’t either too simple or too thorny. Nonetheless, you might as well refer to the following points before taking a product home. You will prevent yourself from wasting much time and money this way.

What Should You Look For In A Comforter for Your Bed?

Match with Mattress Size

First and foremost, a comforter needs to fit the size mattress. Dorm beds are often twin XL, as aforementioned. Yet, the length can vary randomly.

So, the next step is checking the mattress size and thickness to apply the best comforter accordingly. Typically, the catalog shows the bedding’s length and width while ambiguous about its depth. Some may buy the wrong models without checking the mattress’s real thickness in advance. 

Consider Duvet vs. Comforter

Many prefer a duvet cover to a comforter. Both have the same function, yet a duvet looks like a fluffier and easy-to-clean version of a comforter. Meanwhile, the comforter is fatter, easier to move, and store owing to its upper edge.

Fabric Type

It’s non-debatable when it comes to the fabric type’s importance. All users prefer ones with convenient materials and usage.

A wool comforter is flawless if the weather often gets cold around the campus. Yet it could cause overheating from time to time.

On the other hand, natural comforters seem pretty well-received and popular, notably organic cotton comforters. They’re easy to wash yet wear out in no time. Organic materials are also soft and hypoallergenic but often slightly pricey.


Last but not least, choosing the budget-friendly option does the trick, notably in college dorms. A restricted budget says “no’’ to overspending on comforters. A durable one lasting a few years won't go broke in the long run. Balancing the quality and price is never an abundance.

Our advice is to head for the quality ones like wool or bamboo comforters for the longest shelf life possible. You get what you paid for, and in the end, it’ll turn out to be a wise investment.


Most comforter covers are dry washed. Better yet, choosing a high-qualified and durable comforter is always good to go and withstand multiple-wash with tethered fabric.

A low-cost comforter had better come with effective dry cleaning. A machine-washable comforter is a good option, though a larger laundromat washer may work best for king-size comforters.

The Take-Home Message - Can You Use A Twin Comforter On A Twin Xl Bed?  

Back again, will twin comforter fit twin XL? Long answer short: Certainly! Now, feel free to apply the twin comforter for your twin XL beds with no worries.

Nothing is better than having a deep night sleep in a great bed. Opting for the best size bedding is never time- and money-wasting. Obviously, plonking into a well-fitted bed is what many dreams of.

Hopefully, you will have a dreamy, cozy, and catchy space wherein you curl up with a gingham-fill hideaway and a good-read book.

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