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Looking through the best pillow for neck pain reviews as you size up your next purchase?  You are not alone.  There are millions of people just like you who suffer from neck pain.  Helping them and you, the following product strives to be the first and last purchase you ever make to address your neck pain.  

The Latex Contour Pillow 

Interested in a better night sleep?  The Latex Contour Pillow combines a carefully designed shape with a soft but sturdy material to create the perfect pillow for those struggling with neck pain.  Stable, the pillow will shape itself over the course of your use.  Made from eco-harvested latex trees, no fillers or chemicals are included in the material.  Meeting GOLS certification requirements, this may be the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain out there. 

What helps to make this the best pillow for neck pain are the options. On top of this, you get to choose either the normal or the low loft shape.  The normal loft is 19 inches by 24 inches by 3.5 to 4.5 inches while the low loft is around 19 inches to 24 inches to 3 to 4 inches in size.  Certified organic, the pillow is covered in a zippered all organic cotton covering.  You can easily take it off or leave it on depending on preference. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Organic and all natural
  • Designed to relieve pain
  • Many options available
  • GOLS certification
  • Free from gassing chemicals 


  • Comes in one size
  • May not be good if you have latex allergies


The Organic or Natural Latex Contour Pillow is among the best pillow for neck pain out there.  Consider it if you are dealing with neck and shoulder pains.  Inexpensive compared to the competition, you know that it will be healthy to use thanks to its certification and all natural processing.

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