Natural Latex Topper 2"

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Natural Latex Topper 2" for Baby / Toddler

Our Natural Latex Crib Topper is made of all-natural Latex derived from the Rubber Tree and covered with your choice of an Eco-friendly 100 % Natural Wool Cover, 100% Organic Cotton Cover or Natural Bamboo Cover.

It is designed to be absolutely pure for your baby and free from dangerous flame retardants, polyurethanes, synthetic foams, vinyl, phthalates, polyester, polyethylene and toxic off-gassing.

This 2" Natural Latex Topper is a very comfortable and supportive bedding basic for your baby's crib. Simply a must-have for little ones and expecting couples!

* Comes in all sizes. If you need a custom size, simply call us. We will make it for you.       

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