Natural Latex Seat Cushion 2"

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Our Natural Latex Seat Cushion 2" is made with 100% all-natural Latex and covered with a durable 100% Organic Cotton or Bamboo Rayon Fabric. The latex foam is both soft and supportive at the same time.  It is able to conform to your body shape and provides the ultimate support.

This cushion is made with no harmful chemical additives, no toxic off gassing and no overheating vinyl. Covered by Organic Cotton or Rayon bamboo which is soft and extremely durable to withstand everyday use.

Many have said that it supports and relieves: Coccyx, Sciatica, Hip Bone, Lower Back, Posture, Back Ache, Achy Butt, Fatigue, Discomfort, Soreness, Numbness.

You can use it anywhere: work, home, car, travel, wheelchair, sport events, train, boating, camping, meditation, RVs, planes, fishing, picnics, church. 

You spend hours to seat at your desk, your car...; add healthy, non-toxic comfort and support to your seat.

These seat cushion  come with removable and non-removable covers . Please select under the option.

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