Adjustable Shredded Latex Pillow

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Adjustable Shredded Latex Pillow 

Made from micro-cushions which offer the ability to conform to your specific head and neck shape. This provides a special comfort, support, and softness compared to traditional latex pillows.

It is adjustable and is great for every type of sleeper - back, side or stomach sleepers! Micro-cushions fill this all-natural Adjustable Shredded Latex Pillow and offer a superior cradling effect that hugs the contour of your body to enable a deep, comfortable sleep. To adjust the firmness to your liking, simply open the side zipper and carefully remove or add micro-cushions. 

✔️100% all-natural latex derived from the Rubber tree under a micro-cushion form

✔️No off-gassing, no flame retardant

✔️100% Organic Cotton Pillow cover

✔️Pillow will adjust to you!

✔️A small 100% Organic Cotton bag with drawstring closures (size 11" x 6") is included to keep extra micro-cushions for any firmness adjustment needed later on.

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