Discovering Your Perfect Pillow Now

We are constantly surrounded by toxic chemicals. Scary, huh? Although it is hard to avoid them completely, it is possible to limit the amount of toxic chemicals that we expose ourselves to.

You spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping. So, what type of pillow do you rest your head on? With options varying from Organic Wool, to Organic Cotton, discover your perfect pillow here:

Organic Wool Pillow

Wool is naturally flame retardant so there is no need for this fiber to be exposed to any synthetic, toxic, fire retardant chemicals. Our Organic Wool Pillow provides you the comfort and warmth for a perfectly restful sleep. Furthermore, this pillow is affordable (prices range from $39-$59) and durable (can last over 2 years). 

Organic Cotton Pillow:

Made from Texas grown GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, this pillow has been processed completely organically. It is breathable, comfortable and an ideal choice for the summertime. This pillow is affordable (prices range from $39-$59) and durable (can last over 2 years). 

Organic Latex Pillow:

The Organic Latex Pillow consists of a Certified Organic Latex Insert (essentially the main pillow) and a Certified Organic Cotton pillow case. This product is 100% natural, free of any toxic chemicals, dyes or synthetics. Latex produced by the Dunlop or the Talalay process creates an extremely durable pillow, which can last up to 5 years while maintaining original shape. Price ranges from around $49 - $69.  

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