Buckwheat Pillow vs. Shredded Latex

Posted on January 18, 2016 by Grace Seo | 0 comments

Aside from organic cotton, natural kapok and eco-wool pillows, which are fiber based, there are other unique types of filling that have entered the organic market. Buckwheat and shreddedlatex have been very popular in the market lately for their health benefits, distinct textures, and its ability to mold around your neck.

Steer clear if you’re looking for a soft pillow; however, if you’re looking for a firm pillow that offers rigid support, this is probably a good medium for you. Buckwheat originated from various East Asian countries, which commonly used buckwheat as a filling for their pillows due to the firm and sturdy support it offers. Unlike many other pillow fillings, buckwheat is not a fiber or synthetic man-made material, but it is a fruit that is related to rhubarb. Because of this trait, these pillows are durable and do not flatten throughout the night. Many people believe that buckwheat pillows are very helpful for people with back or neck problems because they have a firm hold on the neck and head so that no movement is going on throughout the night. There are many professionals who praise the buckwheat pillow for its incredibly sturdy support on the neck and spine as it does not flatten over the night. This filling is also dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic. It is advised, however, to take its hypoallergenic claims with a grain of salt as there have been some cases where people felt allergic or reacted to these pillows. The buckwheat does not offer any softness or plush for its users and can also be fairly noisy throughout the night.

It’s similar yet different competitor is the shredded latex pillow. Latex is an organic product on the market that is most commonly compared to memory foam because of its firm yet rubber texture and support structure similar to that of memory foam. It began gaining its praise and acclaim after proving to be an all natural or organic and way healthier alternative to memory foam, which is filled made almost entirely out of synthetics and gassed with harmful toxins. In a shredded latex pillow, the concept is to have the latex be able to shift and mold to the user’s neck and head, despite their position. Like the buckwheat, shredded latex comes with many health benefits, such as being dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic, and free of synthetics. The shredded latex also is able to mold and fit to your neck as you sleep and hold your neck, providing minimal movement of the spine throughout the sleep. Because of the foam texture of the latex filling, you can get the best of both worlds – the support and the softness. The shredded latex is usually chopped into small pieces to also really be able to move with you as you sleep and support the shape that you’re lying in. This medium or filling is probably more user friendly than buckwheat because of its softness, while still offering support and its similarity to memory foam.



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