An Ultimate Guide On How To Get Blood Out Of Comforter

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Have you ever faced the problem of blood stuck on the white surface of your continental quilt, yet you fail to get rid of the bloodstain ? Well, it's not as simple as it seems. 

Not only will you have a difficult time cleaning the bedding, but it will also be quite difficult to remove the smell. In this blog, you will learn how to get blood out of comforter thoroughly with a couple of simple methods. Scroll down now!

An Ultimate Guide On How To Get Blood Out Of Comforter 1

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How To Get Blood Out Of Comforter?

Step 1

Cover it with a clean cloth if the stain is fresh and dampen it with cold water. Rub together the wet parts of the fabric. 

Meanwhile, how to get dried blood out of a comforter? If the stain has dried, soak the stained area in cold water and rub together the wet portions.

Step 2

If the fabric is colored, you can use hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain. However, if it's a dark color, you need something stronger to help break up the stain and lift it out of the fibers. Rub carefully using a dish scrubbing brush until the stains are removed altogether.

Step 3

Put the comforter in the washer with washing powder and color-friendly bleach based on the manufacturer's washing instructions.

Step 4

Use a "cold" mode to wash the blanket.


First and foremost, you must determine where the stain is located. If there is any remaining bloodstain, repeat the steps again and again until they are completely washed away. 

As heat will set the fertilizer into the real substance, don't dry the quilt until the dirt is gone.

Best Blood Stain Remover For Household Use

1. Cold Water

Coldwater can be more effective on bloodstains than hot water, as it can stop blood from sipping through the fiber. Soaking sheets in cold water as soon as you know they are stained can help minimize the blood's effect on the fabric. 

The longer you wait to soak after observing a fresh stain, the harder it will be to remove from the blanket.

2. Enzyme Cleaner

To remove a stain with this cleaner, wet the affected area with cold water first. Then, use the enzyme cleaner to scrape the stain away gently. The bedding is now safe to be washed with other clothes.

An Ultimate Guide On How To Get Blood Out Of Comforter 2

Source: Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner

3. Lemon Juice

If you haven’t got any hydrogen peroxide in your cupboard, or have run out, try covering your stained quilt with a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda instead. 

Both are great marks removers, and it only takes spraying the stain, leaving it to stand for around 10-15 minutes. Subsequently, wash it as normal.

4. White Vinegar

Pour white vinegar immediately on the discoloration and leave it to rest for 30 mins. After that, give it a thorough rinse with cold water.

5. Salt With Dish Soap

With this technique, soak your soiled sheet with cold water first. Combine a tablespoon of dish soap and two teaspoons of salt in a mixing bowl. After soaking the discolored cloth in hot water for about half an hour, rinse it with cold water to remove the combination.

6. Cola

Regardless of how unusual it may seem, coke can actually help with this task! So, how to remove blood from white comforter with it? 

Allow the stained area of the sheet to soak in cola for several hours. The soda's compounds help lift the stain away, making it simpler to remove after washing.

An Ultimate Guide On How To Get Blood Out Of Comforter 3

Source: Open Beauty Facts

7. Ammonia

If you have some stubborn stains on your sheets like sweat or urine, a great way to get rid of them is by mixing ammonia and water together. Just dab the filth onto the spot,  then throw your sheets into the washer.

8. Cornstarch And Baking Soda

Mix a spoonful of cornstarch, baking soda, and cold water like the method above. Apply a dab of the paste to the afflicted spot. After that, dry your bedding out in the sun. 

Remove the residual residue once the mixture has dried. If it still does not work out, try rubbing alcohol or vinegar.

How To Keep Your Bedding Clean?

To ensure the longevity of your bedding, it's important to follow the washing and drying instructions on the label with care. Here are some general tips for good results:

  • Remember not to overload the washing machine. These things require a lot of room to clean effectively.
  • Never mix your clothing and sheets together: In this way, you can ensure that your clothes never end up on your pillows with every wash cycle.
  • Washing is necessary, but too much laundry may cause your clothes to wear out faster. Select the appropriate washing cycle based on the amount of dirt in your sheets. 

As the moderate cycle may suffice unless you have stains or substantial soiling to cope with, a high-duty wash cycle would be required in this case.

  • You can increase the effectiveness of your wash by doing some pre-treatment and spot cleaning before putting your bedding in the washer.
  • Before going to sleep for the night, ensure your bedding and pillowcases are fully dry. Drying them on an old-fashioned clothesline rather than using electricity from a machine is more ecologically friendly, and the fresh air aids in the removal of bacteria.
  • As soon as possible, after drying your duvet in the dryer, run a hot iron over your pillowcases to get rid of any remaining bacteria.


So, now you know how to get blood out of comforter thoroughly. Although the hard stain is possibly hard to remove from the fabric, you can still get rid of it with a few steps.

Hopefully, our tips are helpful for you and that you learned something new. If you want to know more about this matter or share your own experience, please leave a comment below.

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