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June 22, 2016

We spend 1/3 of our life to sleep. Sleeping helps our body re-energize ready for the new day. Pillow is very important for our good sleep. Many struggle in choosing the right pillow to sleep on since   everyone has comfortable way to sleep. Before buying the pillow, let's think that what position that you sleep every day. Are you side sleeper? stomach sleeper? or back sleeper? After that, we choose a pillow that you like to sleep on. Organic, Natural or other synthetic pillow? Investing for the organic pillow is cost more money than other type of pillow, however, it worth every penny that you spend. Organic pillow doesn't contain toxic chemicals and other dangerous chemicals that other non organic pillow does. From this point, your health in the long term is more important than everything else.

Now, let talk about the pillow choosing. Normally, the stomach sleeper needs a soft and flat pillow. Sleeping on your stomach is naturally accompanied by a twisting of the neck. A softer pillow helps relieve tension on your neck that a firmer pillow might increase.. A firm and higher pillow might also add strain on the neck by forcing your head up. So, the most comfortable sleep, stomach sleeper should have a soft, low loft pillow to sleep on in order to relieve the neck tension. The best choices for the stomach sleeper might include organic adjustable pillows which can be adjusted the firmness and the thickness for each individual. The adjustable pillow in My Organic Sleep come with many type: organic cotton pillow, wool, Kapok, shredded latex. These pillows are organic but the price is affordable.

For side sleepers, a thicker, firmer pillow would be the best candidate to enhance your sleeping. The organic latex contour pillow is the one that side sleeper would concern. The contour pillow not only helps side sleepers to sleep well because of there is no difference between the center and the edges, but also supports sleepers' neck.  Other choice would be the organic dunlop latex pillow. Theses pillows are designed to provide the support between the bed and the head allowing side sleepers to keep their neck and spine aligned. A softer pillow, for a side sleeper, would cause the head to slump and put strain on the neck.

For who sleeps on the back, the higher pillow but softer feeling is the best. Back sleepers need cervical neck support, but also need less pressure on the back of the head. Contour shaped pillows are also perfect for this.

For those who can't stand the latex, the other organic pillows such as organic cotton, wool, kapok are the options. Since these pillows have the zippers (adjustable version) which allow sleepers to adjust the thickness to what lever they prefer. My Organic Sleep provides the extra filling for the customer who would like to have more filling to build up their pillows.

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