Mattress for college borne. Organic and Pure. Safe and comfortable.

July 31, 2018

Mattress for college borne. Organic and Pure. Safe and comfortable.

Back to college and going away to dorm is exciting but thought of dorms mattress is daunting.   Is it comfortable?  Or new. What is its history?  Most of dorms mattresses are made of polyester or its blends.  Being a byproduct of petroleum-based chemicals, sleeping on it is not exciting at the least. 

No worry there is another way to lead a healthy lifestyle – With organic cotton mattress pad made by Organic Textiles LLC in California. It is all organic and not part organic.  Covering is all 100% organic cotton fabric. Filling is 100% pure organic cotton and there are no sprays or any chemical additives.  Simply organic purity for healthy life style. Choose these pads for yourself and your lad and show you care.

These pads come with elastic band around them so that they fit snug and cover the whole mattress offering complete covering with organic purity.  They are easily washable to keep the mattress environment always clean.  Sleep better and live a healthy lifestyle.

You can find the XL pad here


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