How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Comforter? | Simple Methods To Follow

The wrinkle is a common issue in every coverlet, no matter what material it is made from. The solutions for how to get wrinkles out of a comforter are diversified and simple.

However, choosing the relevant technique for the one in your house is a little challenging. Consider the information in this writing and get the right option.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Comforter?

Instructions To Un-wrinkle Silk Filled Comforter

Firstly, ensure that you have put the silk bedcover into a high-quality duvet cover. The duvet cover can be made from either silk or cotton.

Secondly, if you have a silky duvet cover with creases, you only have to take it off and wash this cloth to have it unwrinkled.

Meanwhile, the duvet cover is made from cotton; you had better follow the instructions below when it is wrinkled.

Instructions To Un-wrinkle Polyester Or Cotton Comforter

How To Take Wrinkles Out Of A New Comforter?

Many homemakers are in trouble with how to get wrinkles out of a new comforter. If you are among them, consider this simple guidance:

Spray And Sooth

Step 1: You can start with the gentlest technique: Spraying and soothing. Spread the new bedcover on your bed. This process will stretch and even out the cloth. 

Step 2: Prepare a spray bottle filled with distilled water and spray a mist over it if you are not to soak the product. When the coverlet gets damp, pull on all its edges by hand to tighten. 

Step 3: Rub out the creases left by your hands. However, this technique seems not to be effective on the persistent ones.  

Hitting The Shower

Shower hitting is a surprising method of how to steam a comforter

Step 1: Hang the new bedcover in your bathroom once you are taking a shower with relatively high-temperature water.

Step 2: Wait for the steam to dampen the new cloth and even ease some wrinkles. 

Remember not to put it into the water or wet it in other ways. This technique is to dampen the bedcover lightly with the steam.


If the instructions printed in the wrapper of your coverlet allow drying, you should try this method.

Step 1: Put the bedcover into the automatic dryer with a wet hand towel or wash rag and two clean tennis balls.

Step 2: During the drying process, the moisture in the wet towel evaporates and loosens the creases. Meanwhile, the tennis balls shift the product around for removal.

Sleeping Under It

The last technique is how to get wrinkles out of comforter without a dryer and preserve the quality of this product.

When you sleep with the bedcover, the heat and moisture naturally released from your body will loosen the wrinkles through the night. 

Furthermore, you can place a little wet towel under the new dry comforter. Your body's temperature will make the moisture in the cloth evaporate and accelerate the removal.    

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Washed Comforter

How to get wrinkles out of polyester comforter or a cotton one when you have used it for a while? This part provides the solutions for your washed bedcover.


Washing is the most relevant measure of how to get wrinkles out of large comforter. 

Step 1: Unmake your bed, and unfurl the bedcover.

Step 2: Set the machine at cold water or the medium temperature mood with a gentle cycle.

Step 3: Fill the washing machine up to one-third or half of its capacity before putting the coverlet in the machine.

Step 4: Add a suitable amount of mild detergent and start the machine. 

Step 5: Get out the bedcover swiftly after the last spin cycle. Shake out the cloth delicately to remove any wrinkles existing.


Step 1: Add a little moisture to the wrinkled comforter by spraying or putting it along with damp clothing. 

Step 2: Have the tumble dryer at a no-heat or low-heat setting and put the cloth in. You can even put some dryer balls to guarantee the moving.

Step 3: Wait for around 10 minutes to finish the process.


The last method is suitable for how to get wrinkles out of dry clean only comforter.

Step 1: Prepare a bottle with enough water for the dimensions of your bedcover.

Step 2: Spray with light mist on the whole surface of the product to make it mildly damp, not wet. 

Step 3: Put the sprayed bedcover in a dryer with a large capacity and low-heat setting and wait 10 minutes to finish.


How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of A Heavy Comforter?

You can follow all the techniques mentioned in this writing to deal with the wrinkles on a heavy bedspread.

However, the washing machine and dryer should have a large capacity to contain the heavy bedcover. Thus, the most relevant measure in this situation is spraying with distilled water.

Can You Steam Wrinkles Out Of A Comforter?

Yes, of course. As mentioned before, you can take advantage of the high water temperatures when you are taking a shower for steaming.

This method is easy to follow, but the effectiveness comes quite slowly. You will also realize that the persistent wrinkles hardly disappear. 

Is It OK To Put A Comforter In The Dryer?

When it comes to the silky bedcover, the answer is No. Silk is not dryer-proof, according to The Spruce. Instead, you should put the duvet cover made from cotton or polyester in the dryer.

How about putting the coverlet made from other materials in the dryer? Yes, this method works on other types, as mentioned above.

Can You Iron A Comforter On The Bed?

The answer is Yes. Particularly, you can iron the duvet cover of the coverlet, especially the ones made from cotton and other soft fabrics.

However, ironing is not recommended for the bed having latex, wool or organic mattresses, as heat will badly affect these materials.


Having a bedcover with wrinkles decreases the aesthetics of your bedroom and increases the dust and dirt sticking on its surface. Thus, acknowledging how to get wrinkles out of a comforter is essential.

Consider the tips and measures provided to maintain the visual and hygiene of your sleeping place.

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