7 Best Tricks Of How To Keep Mattress Topper From Sliding

Are you tired of your mattress topper that is always shifting away after your sleep? Then this article will show how to keep mattress topper from sliding most easily and effectively.

Most people have faced this issue after purchasing their favorite mattress top layer. And fortunately, they all get the solution thanks to the 7 best tricks provided here. We hope you can also find the best way to keep a mattress topper from sliding at the end of this article.

Before going to the solution, it’s always helpful to know the reason for the problem.

Reasons Why A Mattress Topper Slides

Improper Size

When it comes to the improper size, there are two problems: bed frame size and mattress topper size.

If your bed frame is much bigger or smaller than your cushion, it makes both the cushion and its top layer shift away. There is a gap between the bed frame and the mattress, and you need to fill it with wood planks or thick clothes to keep your mattress stable.

When your topper doesn't fit the mattress, it also causes instability and imbalance. The top pad is prone to slip away whether you slightly toss or turn while sleeping. 

Selecting the correct size is the first step of how to keep your mattress topper from sliding.

Not Including Headboard or Footboard

It’s uncomfortable to sleep on a bed without any headboard or footboard. You don’t have anything to keep your cushion from moving up and down.

However, even when you have already equipped these supporting parts, your cushion top layer might still slide from the sides.

Unsteady Bed Frame

How to prevent mattress topper from sliding? Make sure your bed frame is durable first.

In addition to an improper size, the unsteadiness of a bed frame causes the top pad to move away. A small, lightweight bed cannot withstand many turns of sleepers. You will feel shaky when lying on this bed, and it’s no surprise to see a topper slide away after every night.

No Grip Or Friction

The common reason for a sliding topper is the lack of grip or friction.

This happens when the bed covers are too smooth or don’t have any texture. Because the contact surface between the mattress top layer and the cover is slick, it’s easy to slide away.

The issue also happens when your bed cushion is so old that its texture is worn out. The surface will lose friction, and it isn’t easy to keep the mattress top layer in the correct position.

Toss And Turn During Sleep

If you feel restless that you toss and turn all night, your topper tends to slip off. Your pressure in every movement will gradually shift both the bed cushion and its top cover away. This is why you often see your bed very sloppy after a rough, tiring, and sleepless night.

Mattress With Full Of Dust

Over time, there might be layers of dust between the mattress and the topper. These will surely reduce the friction and make your top pad both dirty and slippery. Even excellent bedding products face this issue, so it’s good to keep your bed always clean and clear.

How To Keep A Mattress Topper From Sliding – 7 Best Tricks

With all the reasons above, here we have 7 answers to the question: How to keep mattress topper from sliding?

Straps/Suspenders For Bed Sheet

How to keep mattress topper from sliding?

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A good way of how to hold down a mattress topper is to use sheet straps. These are adjustable elastic bands with clips to tuck sheet corners in place. By tightening these corners, the straps help prevent the sheet from folding and keep the topper steady on the bed cushion.

Some bed sheets come with handy straps. If your current one doesn't include them, you can also make sheet suspenders by yourself.

Non-Skid Rubber Mat

With a non-skid rubber mat, you no longer need other ways of how to stop mattress topper from sliding.

This fantastic mat provides an extra grip between the pallet and its top cover, and you won't feel slippery during sleep. It primarily works well on latex products, so it would be a suitable option if you use this cushion type.

However, jumping or tossing too hard on the bed can still shift the top pad away. It's better to lie down, toss, and turn gently while you are in bed. 

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Velcro Strips/Fasteners

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How to keep a mattress topper in place? Velcro strips will give you another answer. These wonderful items are used much in DIY projects, and they also work well this time.

The strips help fasten two surfaces without damaging them. They come with both stick and stitch formats, but it’s better to use the stitch one for a long-lasting grip. 

Put the hook strips alongside all edges of the mattress evenly, and stitch them firmly on the surface. Do the same with loop strips for the topper; make sure they are opposite the hook ones. Finally, place the top layer onto the cushion and check if they are correctly fastened.

Cotton Pad

If your mattress is too soft and smooth, adding another thin cotton pad is an excellent way to increase the friction. More friction will keep your bed top layer stable. This cotton pad also has textures or an uneven surface.

You simply need to place this pad between the mattress and the topper.

Safety Pins For Fixation

The most affordable method of how to get a mattress topper to stay in place is using safety pins.

It’s straightforward, flexible, and quick to pin and unpin these items onto the mattress and its top cover. You can use more than five or six pieces on each side for the best effectiveness.

Fitted And Tight Bed Sheet

You might ask yourself: “how to keep my mattress topper from sliding?” after trying many tricks. But you might forget the simplest and most effective one here - use a fitted and tight bed sheet.

Your current cover might not fit enough, and that’s why your cushion top layer slides off many times. The right bed cover should be tight and fitted enough to ensure the best grip and friction. This will prevent the topper from moving around while you also have a good sleep.

This remedy doesn’t require any tools or much effort. However, you had better not play or toss hard on the bed to keep it neat and orderly.

Duct Tape For Adhesion

If the above tips cannot solve your problem, then duct tape should be your last resort.

This item comes with super-strong adhesion that can hold almost everything in place. Your mattress top cover will no longer slide away with this tape, even if you toss or turn hard.

However, only consider this method when other solutions don’t work for you. The tape doesn’t bring a good look to your bed, and there might be stains or marks after you remove the topper.

Wrapping Up

So, you have learned how to keep mattress topper from sliding with our 7 best tricks. Each solution has its advantages, and you will find out which one is the most suitable for you. You will also know how to make a latex mattress topper fit a regular mattress to prevent slipping if you use this cushion type.

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